Local Knowledge Episode Puerto Vallarta Fishing – S02 E07 Cow Tippin

cow grade yellowfin tuna

Local Knowledge Episode 7 – Puerto Vallarta Fishing Giant Yellowfin Tuna Newbie Experience

Chasing after cow grade yellowfin tuna, the crew continues their Puerto Vallarta fishing trip while Rush learns what it takes to land a cow tuna over 200-pounds.

fishing showThe fight is never easy and these fish put the crew to the test in every way, but in the end, Rush discovers why this place is so amazing.

This episode of Local Knowledge aired Saturday June 24th on Destination America and will re-run on July 1st. This episode is the second part of the LK crew’s trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  All episodes are featured online for Free the day after the air date and can be streamed on our apps.

episode of fishing Local KnowledgeYou don’t want to miss this one, it is epic!

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