Local Knowledge Episode 5 – Keep Breathing

keys fishing Local Knowledge A huge part of the draw of fishing is the element of seeing or doing something for the first time. That moment when you catch something you’ve never caught or use a method you’ve never tried to catch something you have caught. It is the new factor that keeps it exciting and never the same.

No matter how much time you spend on the water, you constantly see or experience things that you never saw before.

Key West Local Knowledge

The crew from Local Knowledge, Captain Ali Hussainy and Captain Rush Maltz, are not immune from this innate desire for something new. In episode 5, “Keep Breathing”, of Local Knowledge, the boys hit Rush’s hometown waters of Key West, Florida. When Ali hit town from California, they left the dock at noon to see if they could check off any of Ali’s hit list.

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“I’ve always wanted to catch one of these goliath groupers I hear so much about in Florida. I often hear what a pain they can be when trying to catch other types of reef fish, but I had yet to experience targeting one”, said Ali. “The power was amazing.”

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“Another angle that we had been talking about was to try and entice a bite from these East coast fish on our standard West coast lure, the surface iron.”   Ali commented, “I brought my gear from SoCal and gave it a shot on a big cobia school we found over a Florida Key’s wreck. I knew it would work here and the first cast proved my case. We had a blast messing with this hungry cobia swarm.”

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Where else but the Florida Keys can you leave the dock at noon and run from one great fishery to another checking off new species. Now we all know that it is not always that easy, but the options are here and in the Keys it is a highly likely possibility to catch a variety of trophy or bucket list fish.

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“Keep in mind that we were only out for a half day”, said Rush. “We checked off the iron and the goliath and still had a ton of bait. The obvious ticket was to burn them up on the evening tuna bite just offshore. I anchored up on the spot and started chumming live pilchards, which quickly had the blackfin tuna fired up behind the boat.”

With several tuna under his belt, Ali said, “These tuna were going off and by using light tackle, they were just as much fun as a big one. I even caught some on my bass tackle, which made it a blast.”

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A similar first-time event for Ali was waiting beneath the surface of the crystal clear waters of the Keys. He took the time to get certified with Strike Zone Charters and checked off a life-long desire to explore the underwater realm.

florida keys divers “What better place than the Florida Keys to get acclimated to the underwater world. It is shallow, clear and warm, which is so different from home”, said Ali. “The crew at Strike Zone are great teachers and take the time to make you feel comfortable with the adventure you are taking. They open up a whole new world that allows a life-long angler to study fish and other marine creatures in their natural habitat. This is bound to help my approach to fishing”, Ali remarked.

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So join the crew on Sunday mornings and share their adventures as Local Knowledge explores the wonders of the Florida Keys out of Key West, Florida.

Get ready for another action filled episode of Local Knowledge Fishing TV show on Sunday mornings at 7 AM EST on the Destination America Channel or on BD Outdoors Vimeo and Youtube Channels.