LK RAW – Pieces of Bait

Pieces of Bait

Just as precious as gold to a fisherman, pieces of bait are the key element that can make or break a fishing trip.

catching enough live bait

In the Florida Keys, catching enough live bait is often a struggle in itself.  Some days are easy, while others make you earn it.

bait fishing

Captain Rush Maltz, co-host of Local Knowledge says” I never put a time limit on catching bait.  If you leave with out enough or any, you are selling yourself short on the day.”

“Unlike at home in Southern California, the bait here has to be caught by the fishermen.  At home we are able to just pull up to the bait bardge and take as many scoops as we can hold”, says host Ali Hussainy.

This LK RAW really captures the essence of catching bait and being prepared for a day on the water and all of the fishy opportunities it may present.

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