Courtney Sheridan is our newest BD Fishin Chick

Courtney Sheridan

BD: Where do you live and work?

Courtney Sheridan: I live in Merritt Island, Florida and work as an Office Manager of a Dermatology Department.

Courtney Sheridan sea trout

BD: When did you start fishing and who introduced you to the sport?

Courtney Sheridan: I’ve been fishing since I could crawl! Fishing has been a family activity my whole life and a continued passion. My Father was the first one to teach me anything about fishing. I can remember being very young and learning how to bait my hook while bass fishing. Through the years I have acquired many skills from freshwater fishing to offshore fishing.

Courtney Sheridan ladies duck hunting

BD: What are your other hobbies or interests?

Courtney Sheridan: I love waterfowl hunting, lobster diving and any other activity near or on the water!

Courtney Sheridan bikini lobster

BD: How would you describe your fishing experience?

Courtney Sheridan: I have fished in many fresh water lakes around Gainesville, Florida for everything from bream to bass. I fish the Indian River Lagoon for our local sea trout, redfish and your occasional catfish; anything to get a line wet. My favorite would be offshore fishing in which I have fished up and down the East Coast of Florida through the Florida Keys. I have also fished the islands of the Bahamas for the elusive bonefish.

Courtney Sheridan red snapper

BD: Have you picked a favorite type of fishing so far?

Courtney Sheridan: I truly enjoy site fishing for cobia in the spring, trolling for dolphin in the summer and fighting through rough weather to catch sailfish in the winter.

Courtney Sheridan bikini yellowfin

BD: What aspect of fishing do you like the most?

Courtney Sheridan: Being on the water and knowing that is where I need to be.

Courtney Sheridan ladies cobia

BD: Can you tell us some of your proudest moments in fishing?

Courtney Sheridan: My personal best for biggest fish is a 55lb cobia, awesome fight! I have been part of winning the Grand Slam FSFA Tournament in 2011 and have placed in many ladies tournaments.

Courtney Sheridan womens tournament fishing

BD: What are some future goals or plans pertaining to fishing?

Courtney Sheridan: My number one goal for fishing is to go as soon as I can and as much as I can! I am most looking forward to teaching my future children what a great sport fishing really is!

Courtney Sheridan fishing chick grouper

BD: What other aspects would you like to share with our viewers?

Courtney Sheridan: When I am not fishing, I am hunting. I am thankful to share my life with my husband who shares the same love I have for hunting and fishing.

Together we make a powerful duo that is not afraid to go the extra mile to stop a heartbeat.

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