Luiza Barros aka Fishing With Luiza Interview

Luiza Barros, Fishing With Luiza

Luiza Barros has a passion for the outdoors especially fishing, diving & exploring new tropical locations! She loves to create videos and share her adventures with her fellow fishermen and fans. BD Staff recently got together with Luiza Barros for a quick interview on Fishing with Luiza. Enjoy.

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Luiza Barros Living and Fishing in Florida

Luiza Barros lives on the west coast of Central Florida. You can find her on the water most days, fishing, diving and enjoying the sun. While Central Florida is where she resides now, she is not originally from there. Luiza was born and raised in the beautiful country of Brazil. Her fishing addiction started as a young girl the first time her grandparents took her fishing in her country.

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Fishing is Luiza’s full time job. She thinks it is amazing to have a job she is deeply passionate about. Most days it doesn’t even seem like a job to her. The best aspect of her career is being a spokesperson/ambassador for a variety of outdoor brands which include, Salt Life, C&H Lures, Engel Coolers, SeaDek, Cressi and AFW Fishing Brands.

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Luiza is a water-woman through and through. If she’s on the water and not fishing, she is probably diving. Luiza is scuba certified and enjoys peaceful reefs, wreck dives, and Spearfishing. Luiza can’t remember the last time she turned on her TV. If she can’t make it on the water, then she will be in the outdoors enjoying nature.

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Fishing Started at the Age of 9

Luiza started fishing with her grandma at the age of 9.  She would take her and her sister fishing on their farm in Brazil, which they still have! They would spend hours just the 3 of them by the lake catching fish. It was a wonderful way to connect with her family.  “I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors but within the last few years I’ve become more and more serious about it and have decided to turn my passion into a full time job.”

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“As long as I am on a boat with a rod in my hands, I’m happy. Saltwater fishing holds a special place in my heart!”

Luiza has been fortunate to travel all over the world fishing in places like the Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, Curacao, Panama, Brazil and Mexico, where she has experienced all types of fishing. She has targeted many species of fish,  from the bonefish in the flats to big offshore yellowfin tuna. She loves bottom fishing, trolling, sight fishing, deep dropping, jigging… you name it she’s done it. It is tough for Luiza to pick a favorite species to catch. She really enjoys fishing for dolphin or as BD Outdoors calls it, Dorado, because of how acrobatic and strong they are. As an added bonus, dorado are amazing to eat and an all around great fish to catch. She also loves to bottom fish and troll for grouper.

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Luiza Barrows Fishing Adventures Continue

When it comes to making future plans pertaining to fishing, Luiza has her sights set on visiting and fishing in Australia! Australia offers “such an amazing variety of fish. Plus that’s where the Great Barrier Reef is located and it would be amazing to be able dive and explore it.” Australia boasts some of the most exotic and hard fighting fish species. Fishing Australia would be a dream come true for Luiza Barros.

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Luiza Barro’s favorite part of fishing is definitely watching a fish explode on a top-water lure! There is really nothing more exciting for her, than a top-water blow up! It doesn’t matter if it’s a redfish hitting a top-water lure or a gigantic yellowfin tuna exploding on a popper, Luiza finds it all very exciting to watch. It is always a special moment when the fish she catch’s is really big!

“I’ve caught dolphin in the Florida Keys over 40-pounds and I’ve also caught redfish that were nearly 50-inches!!”

luiza barros snappperLuiza is not hard to find in the fishing industry. If you want to learn more about her passion and adventures, you can usually find her being featured in a fishing magazine, or on her YouTube channel. She is also always out and about fishing a tournament or attending a conservation event.

If you would like to see more of her fishing adventures, visit her sites below.