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Katie Pere North Shore Oahu Fishin Chick


Katie Pere canoe sail

BD: Where do you live?

Katie Pere: I live in Haleiwa, Hawaii. The beautiful North Shore of Oahu.

Katie Pere fishing chick

BD: What is you occupation?

Katie Pere: I do quite a few things. I am a stuntwoman, actress, model, producer, and most important of all, Momma to two little boys.

Katie Pere outrigger canoe

BD: What are your other hobbies?

Katie Pere: I love the ocean and try to get in it everyday. I surf, swim, paddleboard, standup paddle, canoe sail…

Katie Pere surfing

BD: Who or what got you into fishing?

Katie Pere: My Mom loves fishing and used to do it with her Dad. I remember standing on the side of what I thought was a river, but was probably a creek, when I was very small with a little red fish that you hold and wind the rope line around. I was quite small but remember loving the peacefulness of that moment. And loving the idea that at any moment we might get one!

Katie Pere women fishing

BD: What types of fishing have you done and where?

Katie Pere: I have done all kinds. I have fished in rivers and lakes as a kid. I have done some deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and in Hawaii as well as lots of fishing off our sailing canoe here on the North Shore.

Katie Pere bikini surf fishing

BD: What is your favorite kind of fishing so far?

Katie Pere: Definitely any fishing that involves my husband and my boys. In the summertime we canoe sail and fish and in the wintertime we have our canoe rigged for canoe surfing. We go catch some waves and then paddle where it isn’t breaking to cruise and do some casting. I also love when my Mom comes to visit and we just go whipping off the shore.

BD: What are some future goals or plans pertaining to fishing?

Katie Pere: I’d love to learn fly-fishing!

Katie Pere Hawaii fishing - Fishin Chick Katie Pere

BD: What is on your fishing “bucket list”?

Katie Pere: I would love to get to go fishing in New Zealand. It is such a beautiful country and my husband is part Maori so we have that connection as well.

Katie Pere tuna hat - Fishin Chick Katie Pere

BD: What aspect of fishing do you like the most?

Katie Pere: It depends on the day. Sometimes I love the peacefulness and getting to spend time with loved ones. Other times I really love the rush of the bite. It’s too fun!!!

Katie Pere standup paddleboard SUP

BD: Name a favorite experience on the water?

Katie Pere: This isn’t a ‘fishing’ moment, but it was a moment with fish. I was crossing the Molokai Channel in a race on a paddleboard, which is the classic lay-down kind, and was awestruck by the beauty of the deep, deep blue water, the huge swells, and all the wildlife I was surrounded by.

The malolo or flying fish, were everywhere and huge ahi’s, pilot whales, mahi, dolphins, sharks…are swimming below you.

It is a unique and wonderful feeling and definitely my proudest in regards to fishing or being with fish.

Katie Pere family - Fishin Chick Katie Pere

BD: What other “aspects of you” would you like to portray ?

Katie Pere: Wow, that is hard! I am a spiritual person who loves life and appreciates our daily blessings. Oh and I love to laugh!

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