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Iconic duos have always been a part of our culture whether in sports, business, even politics. There’s something about a dynamic duo that garners your support. The teamwork and camaraderie that are a culmination of years of working together is something to be cherished and cheered.

Our newest members of the BD Fishing Chick family, Captain Emily, and Captain Amanda Gale, AKA the Gale Force Twins, are a rising dynamic duo in the fishing industry.

Their charter fishing business in Pompano Beach, Florida, brings a unique and refreshing mission to the fishing industry.

All great duos have a beginning and the Gale Force Twins began their journey into the world of fishing as sisters growing up on the water near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Whether it was the summer vacation trips to Islamorada, fishing off the docks, or the occasional charter trips as teenagers, both Emily and Amanda found the sport of fishing to be more than just a hobby at an early age. While earning degrees in Microbiology and Immunology, and simultaneously competing in Division I track and field at the University of Miami, (where they also found their nickname the Gale Force Twins by one of their coaches) Emily and Amanda would work as first mates in Key West during their summer breaks. After graduating from college, the twins decided to take a year off before committing to graduate school and worked for Captain Skip Smith helping him run his summer tournaments in the Bahamas. From there on, the girls knew that they wanted to pursue a full-time career as charter captains.

Emily and Amanda went on to work as first mates on other charter boats and realized they wanted to take the next step and become the charter captains. “We got to a point where we both felt like we knew a certain amount and wanted to this on our own and not work for someone else,” Amanda said. After years of experience working for a fleet of center consoles in the Florida Keys, the girls found the way they wanted to shape their own charter business.

The Gale Force Twins have focused their time on energy on the client experience making sure everyone who steps on their boat has a fun day regardless of the fish count. “We had worked for so many captains that would get frustrated or angry if there were angler errors. Obviously, the fishing is important, but this is supposed to be a fun day for the clients we don’t need to make them feel bad that they lost their fish,” Amanda explained.

When asked about the goal behind their business, Emily shared their mission statement saying, “Our mission is to inspire families, women, and children to get outdoors, fish, be bold, and have fun.” The Gale Force Twins’ mission statement is centered behind their sentiments that inspire everyone to enjoy the sport of fishing. Creating a successful charter fishing business came with years of grit and the unity between the two laid the foundations of the business.

Even before the girls had worked as first mates, the idea of starting a business together had not crossed their minds. “We always worked well together growing up, but we didn’t think we would work together. When we were in college we talked about post-graduation and looking for separate jobs on purpose, not that we didn’t get along but just because we didn’t think we would do something together for the rest of our lives,” Emily said. “Starting a business together at first was harder than we thought it would be. We both had the same goals, but we had different ideas on how we were going to get there. We had to improve our communication skills and figure out how to get on the same page.”

The Gale Force Twins charter business began January of 2019 and where there have been learning curves along the way, Emily and Amanda have built a thriving charter fishing company in Pompano Beach.

Whether it’s reef, wreck, trolling, or kite fishing – Gale Force Fishing does it all.

Though united as sisters and business partners, their accomplishments and favorite moments are uniquely their own. Amanda talked about winning top lady angler at the Production VS. Custom Shootout in the Abacos Islands catching one blue and two white marlin. Amanda had previously worked behind the scenes of the tournament the year before so to place in the tournament the following year meant that much more to her. Emily followed up saying her proudest moment was earning her USCG certified 50-ton master captain’s license and is on her way to earning her 100-ton. When asked about any other aspects they would like to portray, they said: “Something that’s really important to us in our business is creating a fun wholesome environment where anyone can fish regardless of age or experience level.”

Fate has a funny way of coming around as the Gale Force Twins have recently worked with Accurate Fishing, home of the Twin Drag system by owners and twins Doug and Dave Nilsen. “We were uniting our twinship,” Amanda said jokingly. “We think they’re [Accurate Reels] are a great product and we enjoy working with them.”

We thank the Gale Force Twins for their time and wish them all the best with their charter fishing business!

Get in touch with them or learn more on their Gale Force Fishing website or follow them on Instagram.