Adventure Checklist – By Boat

Adventure Checklist – By Boat

Having an adventure does not always mean you have to travel great distances to have fun. There are plenty of adventures to be had in your own backyard! This list is for adventures by boat!

Backyard Adventure is more of a state of mind than a distant location.

We all have amazing places pretty close to home if you just look and then tap into the fun with family and friends. Boating is often a perfect match or the key to tapping some adventures.

Backyard Adventures Boating Checklist

  • USCG Required safety gear- life jackets, throwables, visual distress kits, sound-making device, fire extinguisher/s
  • Spare parts and fluids, tools
  • Sat phone or satellite communication or Personal locator beacon, Epirb, Handheld VHF  (Emergency numbers for the area you will be)
  • Good first aid kit, Bottle of peroxide, General over-the-counter meds for pain, gastric distress, etc.
  • Bolt cutters for hook removal
  • Travel lines for various docking situations and/or spare anchor and chain
  • Toilet paper, Paper towels, Garbage bags, Ziplock bags
  • Zip ties, Duct tape
  • Bug solutions
  • Spare water beyond what you plan to use
  • Foul weather gear
  • Flashlights/lanterns/spotlight
  • Waterproof bags
  • File a float plan with someone who cares for you

#Backyard Adventures Checklist – By Land

Jordan Jennings grew up boating and fishing the lakes of his home state of Michigan. Cutting his teeth on the bass, salmon, perch, and pike of local inland lakes. His passion grew into saltwater fishing on the Gulf of Mexico when visiting family in Florida. He was lucky enough to come from a family ...