Peter J Art – Fish Imprinting & More

BD is excited to introduce you to Peter J and his amazing fish imprinting styles and nautical paintings that are one-of-a-kind.

Peter J Art

Where do you live?

I live in Newport Beach, California.

Peter J Art swordfish print

What mediums do you work in and what is your favorite?

I have created two art forms that I say are Peter J’s style.  One is imprinting, like stamping just as is.  I can imprint anything; a fish, plant and so much more.  I especially like fish imprinting which is an Asian style method of recording a fish in the 18th Century in nations like China, Korea, and Japan.  They used rice paper, Sumi ink, and a long brush like we now use a pen.  I like to use materials like silk and linen, fine-cloth Sumi ink, and acrylic paints.  I love to do imprints of tuna and other fish.  I also do commission works on hand-painting a client’s boat on nautical charts.

Peter J Art

What are your other hobbies and are they related to your artwork?

I have several other hobbies and fishing tops the list, but playing golf and riding my Harley are other pastimes. I started fishing when I was 4 years old.  Every week I was catching different sizes of gold carp, so I did an imprint of every single fish in black and white.  That was my fishing record back then.  We had lots of different kinds of rice paper and Sumi ink to use.  Back in 1960 to 1987, every house had sliding doors and most of those doors were covered in rice paper to protect from heat and cold.  As the seasons changed, so would the rice paper, making it easy to find materials for my hobby of fish printing.

Peter J Art tuna print

How did you get started and what was the evolution of your style?

As I mentioned above, I started imprinting at 4 years old until now.  I print a fish almost daily using Korean style with rice paper, Sumi ink, and the long brush. I started back in 1980, printing fish, and have continued up to now. Lots of people do “Gyotaku” and often their images look the same.  I’ve created my own style of imprinting using different materials and methods so that it is unique.  I even carved my red copy right stamp in English because I make an American-style imprint.

Peter J Art lobster print

What goals do you have for your artwork, and what does the future hold?

My goal is very simple, I want to teach kids the Asian style and my own, “Peter J’s” style of imprinting.

Peter J Art wahoo print

Is there a message or theme behind your artwork?

Time is not stopping and today is never coming back, so hopefully, my artwork brings people “good mojo or good karma”.  I want to capture the great moments and make people happy, pushing out stress after they see my artwork.

Peter J Art

What inspires you the most in your art?

Ever since I started painting, even in black and white, the smile on a client’s face is all that I need to stay inspired.

Peter J Art

What is the hardest aspect of your art?

When someone orders a fish print and it’s noon and really hot and dry, the ink dries really fast in these conditions.  Also, windy or bad weather is very challenging.  Also, many people don’t consider imprinting to be art, just the copying of a fish, but that is 100% wrong.  This art form is as intricate and subtle as any other art form.

Peter J Art

What brings you the most satisfaction or sense of accomplishment?

When I taught art classes in a school and the kids did their own fish imprints to take home.  Every kid gave me big hugs and that was an incredible moment I will not forget.  It cannot compare with money, but that was millions and millions worth of feeling.

Peter J Art

Our thanks to Peter J for sharing his passion and talents with us.

Peter J Art

You can check out his gallery at 3416 Via Lido #C, Newport Beach, CA 92663.  He can be reached at his Gallery – 949-673-4908 or Cell – 714-504-0737.

Instagram and Facebook :peterjart