Peter Agardy – BD Artist Spotlight

We are excited to introduce you to Peter Agardy, a well-rounded outdoorsman and incredible artist who shares his story with us on BD.

Peter Agardy

Where do you live?
I currently live in Jupiter, Florida, and I grew up in South Florida.

marine art

What mediums do you work in and what is your favorite?

Depending on the project and scale I work with multiple mediums ranging from airless sprayers, compression sprayers and exterior latex, spray paint, and more on large murals, spray paint to oils to acrylic paints on smaller works of art, and a lot of digital work as well for commercial applications.

What are your other hobbies, and are they related to your artwork?
I do a lot of fishing, tournament fishing, hunting, and property management.

How did you get started and what was the evolution of your style?

Luckily I grew up with a die-hard outdoorsman father in South Florida, who also liked to travel and bring us along from the Bahamas to Montana, he showed us the way, which was not as common in my circle growing up, whether it was taking us
offshore to the Bahamas, locally or shooting up the Florida coast for surfing trips to Cocoa Beach or inshore fishing the Indian River, or inland to his hunting lease in Florida or Westward to fly fish the summers, or hunt the harsh season in Montana,

Peter Agardy

He ingrained a passion for the outdoors in me that ultimately led to my art. I still fish tournaments around South Florida with some accomplished teams and spend a bit of time in the woods hunting, here in Florida and other states. I started off painting
surfboards professionally while in art school learning graphic design, then signing onto some marine art shirt and apparel companies, which led to a Sports Authority deal, which all led to opening up my first art studio and gallery in Boca Raton in

Peter Agardy

Working on large-scale murals throughout Florida including multiple public works projects. I have carried my art through to dozens of fishing tournaments, fishing publication covers, microbrewery branding, and cans (Saltwater Brewery) while also maintaining a good amount of work in the wildlife and hunting fields.

Peter Agardy

What goals do you have for your artwork, what does the future hold?

I wish to continue to raise the bar for myself and continue to do large scale public art projects and larger private painting commissions. I see my art having a place in fishing tournament circuits for years to come. Bluewater Movements and Meat Mayhem to name a couple. I started an “area-centric” Camo Clothing Company (FL Camo) using custom patterns I personally spent time and research in creating. So now many people are also wearing my art as a function of their passions as well.

Peter Agardy

Is there a message or theme behind your artwork?

That would depend on the goal I’m trying to accomplish, these days a lot of commercial success has been built off of my images which can carry a theme depending on the art purpose, for example, some of the patriotic art I have done for “Operation Sailfish” which is part of the “Quest for the Crest” Sailfish Series, but overall, in my paintings, I try to give the viewer a pleasurable aesthetic to look at but staying true to certain things like anatomy and color, sometimes an emphasis on lighting and contrast and maybe play with the backgrounds to create surreal qualities of the paintings. I do like to keep it fun, but detail-oriented.

Peter Agardy

What or who inspires you?
The times spent on the water and in the woods fishing and hunting with close friends and family ultimately drive my inspiration. Collaborating with other artists and collaborating with clients; the challenge of taking a client’s vision and bringing that
to life is inspiring in itself. My Dad’s drive and passion for entrepreneurship and business have inspired me and driven me to work for myself, running my businesses, and keeping it that way. Nothing is more rewarding and also challenging than pursuing a passion and creating a living derived from that and overcoming the mental challenges and balance that come with it.

What has been the hardest project, or what is the hardest aspect of your art?

The hardest project I completed was in 2019, I completed a 425ft long x 7ft tall hand painted Mural on the Fort Lauderdale International Airport’s Jet Blast Deflector corrugated metal Paneling in the South Florida Heat, in August, on the tarmac, in
between Floridas Notorious Summer monsoons, while in hurricane season (See hurricane Dorian) I had to work with the county on approved processes and materials protocol for over 6 months, then complete the project in a two-week window alongside major runways renovation, with a Category 4 hurricane spinning literally miles off our coast!! . The project was an absolute beast, But I’m proud to say the 93ft long sailfish chasing 9ft flying fish along with an American egret and bald eagle
clad in the American flag turned out to be a success! I pulled off the project with a good artist buddy, Chan Shepherd, as my right-hand man.

Other than that, just finding the time to do my own personal art projects nowadays has been my hardest feat.

Peter Agardy

What brings you the most satisfaction or sense of accomplishment?

First and foremost, bringing my art to life on canvas and being able to share it with the world, the conversations, and experiences that have bonded friendships and lifelong partnerships that are all attributed to the path of art that I have chosen since day one gives me deep satisfaction and motivates me to continue.

Just Being able to “pay the bills” and build businesses based on my passions and artwork, and being able to do so in this amazing land of opportunity we live in is also a great feeling.

Please share other aspects with us and your contact information.

A great listen for a glimpse into who I am and what I do can be found on “The Homegrown Experience” Podcast I recorded in Sept 2019 on a deer hunt up at my buddies property in Kentucky.

You can follow me @Peteragart on Instagram and find me ‘Peter Agardy Fine Art’ on Facebook, (my website is outdated !! SMH) also check out two other companies I have built and co-founded FL Camo- @Floridacamo and Saltwater Brewery @SaltwaterBrewery