casey parlette

Casey Parlette – An Incredible Artist Revisited

casey parleteA few years ago we brought you a glimpse into the phenomenal works of sculptor Casey Parlette of Southern California.  His ability to craft such life-like replicas of creatures from Nature out of metal and wood is breathtaking.

Nature sculpturesLuckily, we ran into him this year at the Fred Hall Show and got to see some of his latest creations and get an update.  He continues to amaze and I’ll stop talking so Casey can explain each new piece below.


  • Size: 18” X 11” X 8”
  • Material: Acacia wood, bronze
  • Method: Hammered, forged, welded, carved

A hermit crab is always on the lookout for the next best shell. All renditions of Finders Keepers feature a welded bronze hermit crab in a dashing wood shell. Seen here: acacia and walnut.


  • Size: 30′ X 20′
  • Material: Shedua wood, bronze
  • Method: Carved, forged, welded

This was a commissioned piece for a private residence. The sculpture was designed to provide a flow and an artistic focal point to the large stairway. The scale of the stairway and its walls necessitated a large sculpture; the final piece measured over 30 feet long and 20 feet high, built in sections to connect seamlessly together. A favorite aspect of “Kelp Forest” is the overhead section that curves between the walls, giving it the necessary sense of flow and dimensional dynamic that makes the entire structure feel as though it is in motion.


  • Size: 5′ X 2′
  • Material: Maple, poplar, bronze, abalone
  • Method: Hammered, forged, welded, carved

Mahi mahi are among the most beautiful fish in the ocean and often form large schools. As they mature, the males are differentiated from the females and juveniles by their large, flat foreheads. These pelagic fish can change color instantly, from cobalt blues to yellow gold. This mahi mahi school is made of quilted maple with small abalone pieces inlaid to mimic their “freckle” spots. The fins are bronze with a blue-green patina. The eyes are bronze with a recessed abalone pupil inlaid. The base is poplar.


  • Size: 27″ X 17” X 15”
  • Material: Lace redwood burl, bronze, maple burl
  • Method: Hammered, forged, welded, carved

The bumpy growths and mottled coloration of a sculpin provide it with camouflage in the rocky areas where it lives. These same features make it a beautiful subject for sculpture. Lace redwood burl captures the mottled patterning and the hammered welded bronze of the head mimics the textured head of the fish. The fins are bronze and the base is maple burl.


  • Size: 31” X 40” X 18”
  • Material: California oak, steel, bronze, travertine
  • Method: Carved, forged, hammered, welded

Far from sedentary, turtles are nomads and each year will travel thousands of miles throughout the tropical oceans of the world. This sculpture strives to capture the grace and beauty of a swimming sea turtle. The shell is comprised of individual pieces of California oak; the head and fins are welded steel and bronze. The base is travertine.

Insect Series – Moths, Dragonflies, & Beetles

  • Size: Various
  • Material: Various: koa wood, steel, brass, wenge wood, titanium, bronze, cocobolo wood, purple heart wood.
  • Method: Carved, forged, hammered, welded

This series of insect sculptures celebrates the micro-world and its fascinating inhabitants. These sculptures use a wide variety of materials and techniques to highlight the beautiful shapes and patterns that we so often overlook.

Titanium Jewelry

titanium jewleryCasey also creates one-of-a-kind titanium jewelry that he colors with heat creating incredibly durable and unique designs.  A perfect gift for the holidays. Hint Hint!

If you want to see more or contact Casey Parlette, check out his Impact Zone on BD or visit his website or follow him on Facebook.