Artist Spotlight – Paul Marcellini

Artist Spotlight Paul Marcellini

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Q:Where do you live?

A:I live in Miami, Florida.

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Q:What mediums do you work in?

A:I mostly do digital photography.

Artist Spotlight nature photography

Q:What are your other hobbies, and are they related to your artwork?

A:Most other things have fallen by the wayside, but I am getting back into fishing. I canoe and kayak, but that is mainly to get photos.

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Q:How did you get started and what was the evolution of your style?

A:I picked up a camera in college as an artistic outlet, mainly shooting outdoor adventures my friends and I went on. As I graduated, I took it a bit more serious and started honing my compositions in pure, natural landscapes.

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Q:What goals do you have for your artwork, what does the future hold?

A:I am continuously trying to cover unspoiled Florida, get off the beaten path, and get eye-catching images of the many different ecosystems in the state.

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Q:Is there a message behind your artwork?

A:I don’t get too deep. I like to educate people on these unique and beautiful areas of Florida and although not a full-fledged conservation photographer, I hope to promote it and work with conservation groups.

Nature Photography Artist Spotlight

Q:Is there a theme to your work?

A:Nature dominates, with landscapes being the core of that.

Nature Photography Artist Spotlight

Q:What or who inspires you?

A:Marc Adamus, Guy Tal, and Michael Kenna are some of my favorite photographers and definitely inspire me.

Nature Photography Artist Spotlight - Artist Spotlight Paul Marcellini

Q:What has been the hardest project, or what is the hardest aspect of you art?

A:I have never had much difficulty with the craft, but enduring the heat and mosquitoes of Florida can definitely wear on you.

Nature Picture - Artist Spotlight Paul Marcellini

Q:What brings you the most satisfaction or sense of accomplishment?

A:Organizing the chaos of the swamps is really satisfying. It can be such a jumbled mess so it is really nice to see a cohesive composition come together.

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