Ten-Dollar Trout Destined For San Diego County

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has plans to stock rainbow trout at a popular San Diego area lake. To raise awareness about the project, some of the trout will be worth $10 to lucky anglers.

The CDFW will begin stocking Lake Miramar because the lake is in an urban setting and represents the potential to be a very popular urban fishery. The lake, which in the past was stocked by the city of San Diego, has historically been very popular with anglers.

lake miramar trout

“I remember as a kid, growing up in Temecula, hearing stories about the trout fishing at Lake Miramar, and even having my mom drop me and friends off to fish while she went shopping,” said Russell Black, CDFW fisheries biologist.

“I am excited about this. It’s good for everyone: the city, the Department and most importantly the public.”

Some of the stocked trout will have $10 reward tags, which CDFW hopes will increase angler interest and recreational activities at the lake. Signs will be posted at access points around the lake with information on how to collect the rewards for tagged trout, and mail-in cards will be placed at the concessions.

The CDFW believes the $10 reward will be well worth the information they receive. Tag returns will provide valuable information to department biologists, including information on angler success, harvest rates and more. This information will ultimately help the department assess trout plants.

Stocking is scheduled to resume in the fall.