Knife Sharpening For Dummies – It’s All About The Angle

knife sharpening

I’ve got a confession to make. As someone who has spent his entire adult life cleaning fish, I’ve never been worth a darn at using a sharpening stone to maintain a consistent edge on my filet knife.

I’m actually so inconsistent that I can go from surgical sharpness on one attempt to dull butter knife on the next.

knife sharpening

The good news is that I’ve found the right tools to take my own shortcomings out of the sharpening equation and keep a consistently sharp edge on all of my knives. The video explains the details but the tools I use are the Ken Onion Edition Work Sharp grinder and the Accu Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener. Used in combination, these two tools help me to maintain a sharp edge on and off the water.

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