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KARMA SEASON PANAMA – Fishing in Panama

11Karma’s Panama Adventure – Fishing in Panama

“Karma” spent a summer fishing in Panama, chasing tuna, marlin and whatever else they could find in the productive waters off the Pacific coast of Panama.

10Karma tuna

The boys found their fair share of triple-digit-size tuna.

9karma shark

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say there are some predators around here.

8karma marlin jump

The highlight of the trip was tangling with big black marlin.

7karma big bite

The boys used both lures and live tuna to get the black marlin in the spread. This is the payoff, a big bite right behind the boat.

6karma big marlin head

Panama’s black marlin grow to epic proportions. These fish are known to weigh more than 1,200 pounds, though fish between 400 to 600 pounds are much more common.

5Marlin boat side

Tagged and ready for release, “Karma” sets another nice black marlin free after it put on quite a show as it jumped all over the ocean.

4Cubera Snapper Panama

The master of the reef, the toothy cubera snapper. You just can’t resist fighting a few of these beasts every time you head back to shore.

3marlin jump

Another nice black marlin jumps for the camera. While known as black marlin, these fish actually flash bright purples and blues when they are all lit up.

2karma tag

Time for the money shot. The second mate gets ready for the tag shot while the other mate yanks on the wire. This catch is almost complete, just a few more minutes and the black marlin will be released.

1karma stern

Getting back to a picturesque anchorage on one of Panama’s quiet bays.