Jose Wejebe Birthday Wish – #FishforJose

For family, friends and fans alike, it is still hard for us to grasp the loss of our fishing hero Jose Wejebe. However his passion for teaching and uplifting those that are down lives on. Jose was very involved in many organizations, both on and off of the camera, that helped individuals in tough circumstances, be it their health or other.

That same compassion is the core principle of the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to honor Jose’s legacy by matching his inspiration, dedication and passion for our marine environment, and continue his efforts to support those who face life-impacting challenges. Any donations to the Foundation will support their efforts to share the healing, bonding powers of nature and the ocean to mend one’s troubles. Jose always said “You get more than you give” when it comes from the heart and he was always humbled by those who expressed appreciation of his kindness. The JWSFMF is working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Veterans Recreational Department to take as many deserving people as they can on the fishing trip of a lifetime, the Spanish Fly way.

To celebrate the upcoming birthdate of this humanitarian and fishing hero, I invite you to “Fish for Jose”. The foundation is making a drive to get real people to join in Jose’s love of sharing the outdoors with someone. It could be your family or kids, a neighbor or co-worker or your best fishing buddy. Wouldn’t it be great to make an effort to introduce someone to our passion for fishing? You could also teach someone something new, like how to tie a fly or some other trick of the trade. Share something in memory of Jose and embrace the Spanish Fly spirit that lives in all of us..

“My father loved the outdoors, especially fishing. But what he loved most was sharing his knowledge, skill and passion with others,” says Krissy Wejebe, daughter of Jose. “Even though it’s been nearly two years since his passing, I get a lot of great stories and pictures from his fans telling me how much they learned from his show, how he inspired them to start their own guide business or how they were inspired to share their passion for fishing with their children as he did with me. My wish is that others can hear these stories too. Thanks to the world of social media, we can make this happen … amongst the fishing community and beyond.”

“As his birthday nears on January 18, I’m asking friends, family and fans of my father to take a picture of how they’ll celebrate his birthday, post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a website … anywhere online, and use the hash tag, #fishforjose, to share their story with others.”

Post your fishing moments in honor of Jose, between now and January 18th and insert the #fishforjose anywhere in the post, anywhere online and become a part of the tribute to the man and his vision.

To learn more about Jose’s Foundation and how you can be a part, go to Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation or

There is no better time than the holidays, to brighten someone’s future or just the present. Recently I was being asked what I wanted for Christmas and I was struggling to think of something and it hit me that the perfect gift would be a donation to Jose’s foundation.

What better feeling than knowing you are part of dreams coming true for those facing stuggles in life.

So that’s what I want for Christmas this year and I’m making plans to take my girls fishing and share Jose’s passion for fishing and life.

About Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation

On April 6, 2012, the fishing community lost a great angler, icon, and friend, Jose Wejebe, host of the immensely popular saltwater fishing and fly fishing television show, Spanish Fly. Through his show and his adventures, Jose shared his passion for fishing and a lifestyle that touched and inspired anglers around the world. At the same time, Jose encouraged conservation, leading his viewers by example to take better care of the environment they so enjoy. Jose Wejebe never forgot his humble beginnings or those others that helped him find success. Throughout his life and career, Jose unselfishly donated his time, money and equipment to support countless charities including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Marc House, Wounded Warriors, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and many others. The charitable work seen on his television series, “Spanish Fly”, documented only a small portion of his generosity. Behind the scenes, he quietly assisted with many more charities throughout the world. He did so out of compassion and kindness, and was humbled by those who expressed their appreciation. In order to continue Jose’s passion for the marine environment, and dedication to support those who face life-impacting challenges, The Jose Wejebe “Spanish Fly” Memorial Foundation was founded in April 2012. The Foundation will honor Jose’s legacy by continuing his charitable efforts.

Jose Wejebe Birthday Wish