Indian River Lagoon SOS – What Can We Do?

Indian river
Photo Credit – Capt. Alex Gorichky

Let’s Save Our Indian River Lagoon

The Indian River Lagoon’s tragic fish kills and algae blooms have continued and hopefully the giant of public awareness and action has awakened!  Many have seen the problems, desire to help, but are at a loss of where to start.

Let it be said again that there is no quick fix to this decades old issue.  But lets not take that as an excuse to not start the process now.

lagoon help

We have to start as individual citizens in our own back yards!

Derek Redwine, our creative director, has applied his talents of artistic expression to the goal of assisting people channel a direction for their efforts to improve their river and community. Please share his artwork on social media at will and help spread the word.

Brevard Rally
Recent Brevard Rally to raise awareness

The air is still laden with the smell of rotting fish and that makes it easy to be upset and push for a change.  The key to this issue will be maintaining the drive once the smell is gone and the dead fish are out of sight.  Our society has a way of just fading back to the old routine and the drive for change goes with it.

We must maintain our fervor for the long haul if we truly want a clean, healthy, thriving Indian River Lagoon.

IRL tips

So back to the subject of “What can we do?”  I recently came across a website called Be Floridian Now,  it offers ideas and resources for those who wish to start with their own yards and how you can have a great “Florida” backyard without adversely affecting the waters we love.

These are the very practical methods by which we can all play a role in cleaning up our own negative impacts to the fragile Indian River Lagoon ecosystem.

river SOSStay tuned for more on the subject.  There are many organizations that have been fighting this same battle to save our waters for years.  We will highlight them as we find them and together we can make our voices speak as one to save our Florida waters of all kinds.

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