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ICAST Delivers Plenty for the Baja Bunch

Yvonne and I did a one-day fly-by of the ICAST Show in Las Vegas to see what new and exciting fishing tackle and accessories were on tap for Baja. We weren’t disappointed. As always, there were a few items that we couldn’t resist and we thought these merited sharing with our Baja Buddies.

Aftco GoHandle

Built on Aftco’s exclusive, tapered, lightweight E-glass fiberglass, the GoHandles are available in both 4- or 6-foot lengths. They are fitted with stainless steel 1/4-inch, 20 threaded inserts that easily adapt to most camera mounts designed for a tri-pod. The handle is also equipped with a gimbal, which allows placing it in a rod holder, stabilizing the direction it’s pointed.

The cool feature that caught my attention is that the shaft is reversed with the thicker wall at the tip and the thinner wall at the handle end making it much stiffer and preventing flexing from water pressure when it’s in the water while the boat is moving. It also makes it easier to maneuver in the water. The handle has a Seine cord and Turk’s head is finished with epoxy for durability and extra tackiness when gripped with wet hands. A large rubber “mushroom style” butt cap finishes the end of each handle grip. It is buoyant so it, and your expensive camera, does not end up on the bottom if dropped. Gohandle

The LifeProof Nüüd Case and Cover/Stand

If you are the type of person who can’t leave home without your iPad (as I am) this is the best solution I’ve found so far. With this case, I have no hesitation in carting my iPad with me on my Baja beach and boat trips. Completely waterproof and shockproof, as well as submersible for short periods of time, the case is a lifesaver, allowing me to use it for both still and moving pictures, record or write notes as needed, as well as use all my apps. On some of the larger boats I’ve been on, using my Bluetooth, I could tap into some of the electronic interfaces available. A real game changer, the Nüüd case and cover lets me travel in Baja with confidence using what I consider an essential piece of technology. LifeProof Case

Fish Ninja Performance Fishing Sun Hoodie by AFTCO

Like many Baja travelers, I’ve discovered that the blazing Mexico sun is not very user-friendly. Aftco has designed an ingenious, comfortable hoodie combining all the components to protect the head, neck, face, chest and arms in one piece. No more finding myself out in the blistering sun without everything needed to cover-up. Aftco Fish Ninja

Hobie 9-foot inflatable kayak

This highly portable kayak is tricked out for fishing. Weighing only 53 pounds, the 9-foot Inflatable Hobie Mirage i-9S quickly inflates and deflates and comes standard with a rolling travel bag. The Hobie is already a constant companion aboard my Roadtrek van. All the new fishing gear to go on it is new to me and is a must-have. Hobie Mirage

Underwater cases for many cameras and cell phones

A number of different companies had Cellular telephone waterproof cases. However, DiCAPac offered a variety of very reasonably priced, 100% waterproof cases for most cameras and cell phones. I picked up a case for my Samsung telephone and my Nikon D80 that I have been road testing on my current Baja trip. Both have performed perfectly. DiCAPac waterproof cases

Bill Boyce, International Game Fish Association Representative.

We bumped into Bill who was as excited as ever about his show “I.G.F.A. Anglers Digest” that airs on a variety of different channels listed on his site at . He had just returned from a trip to Baja Sur where he fished with Felipe Valdez, Manager of Buena Vista Beach Resort. Apparently, the trip was a raging success. Bill had designed some innovative saltwater soft baits that they used for everything from roosterfish to billfish and he was ecstatic! “Striped marlin climbed all over the Mini Mac model as did the roosterfish on the Deener,” he said. Definitely, we need to stock up on some for beach, inshore and offshore. Gitlit lures

As always, we were able to visit with many of our old friends who don’t make it out west often: Gary and Wanda Taylor from Georgia, Lori-Ann Murphy, who traveled all the way from the El Pescador Lodge in Belize, as well as other flyfishing notables including Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser. We had a great time catching up!

Unfortunately, we had too little time and too many old friends to catch up with. Next time we will have to allow another day or two. I left for East Cape only a few days after the show and all the items in my list are now being tested. All have performed as well as I had hoped and are as useful as I thought they would be. If you have questions about our choices, I’ll be happy to answer them.

I’m sure there were some good products I missed. If you found something I should try, let me know. The products get a good workout in the rugged Baja terrain.

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