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Hurricane Patricia – Category 5 Bearing Down

Hurricane Patricia

hurricaneChris Dunn brings us this quick shout out about Hurricane Patricia and her Cat 5, 200MPH winds.

Chris said, “Hurricane Patricia a category 5 storm with 200 mph SUSTAINED winds in a small zone near the center!  Manzanillo will get clobbered and PV will get significant impact, but the worst of the storm will be just to their south. Probably the torrential rains inland will cause lots of flooding, damage and mudslides. Prayers for residents of Mexico who must endure this storm.”

bad hurricane

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Chris Dunn is an Emmy award-winning broadcaster and is now the Chief Meteorologist with Local 15 NBC News, WPMI Mobile, Alabama. His 20-plus-year television career has taken him to various television markets around the country, including stations in Denver, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Miami, Fort Myers, Florida, and Chico, California. Chris started fishing the waters off Southern California in the early 1980s when he could be found plucking barracuda, sand bass and bonito from local piers and half-day boats. Chris worked as a deckhand on several local boats in San Pedro and his hometown of Long Beach, eventually making his way onto the decks of the long-range fleet in San Diego in the mid-1980s. In addition to his interest in meteorology and sport fishing, Chris is an instrument-rated private pilot and recently earned a Master of Aeronautical Science degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Many of you on BD know Chris for the fishing forecasts he posts. Known as The Fishing Weatherman, the posts don't just tell you if it's going to rain. Chris talks about water temps, current movements, wind patterns and the various pressure systems that effect the bite. To see more of his fishing forecasts visit www.thefishingweatherman.com.