Give Your ATV Some TLC

It’s no secret that many avid anglers across the nation are also enthusiastic hunters and general outdoorsmen who love escaping into the backcountry for a sense of balance and adventure.  This means you quite possibly have an ATV parked in your garage or toy shed, right next to your bass boat, flats skiff, or ocean-going center console.

ATV maintenance

Whether you use your ATV(s) for family rides in the backwoods, fishing trips to remote mountain lakes and rivers, hunting excursions or just the fun of riding for the sake of it, chances are pretty good that you might be using your machine(s) less than usual during this decidedly “unusual” time in our country’s history.

We don’t know when normal is going to be normal again — when you can get on the phone with some best buddies and plan a hunting or fishing adventure without thinking about it twice. We do know this — whenever that time comes (hopefully sooner than later), you’re going to want your equipment to be as ready for action as you are.

ATV maintenance

We’ve written a lot here about Techron Protection Plus Marine Fuel Treatment from the folks at Chevron, engineered to provide advanced fuel stabilization, cleaning and corrosion protection — because we believe in the product and use it in our own boats. We recently learned that Techron has another top-performing fuel additive formulated specifically for ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and power equipment, to keep these machines protected during storage and running clean and strong all season long.  This product — Techron Protection Plus Powersports and Small Engine Fuel Treatment — provides a wide range of benefits and is an important part of a good maintenance routine.

Key among these benefits is stabilizing gasoline for up to 2 years — particularly important in this current environment.  Whether your recreational plans are on hold temporarily or you just don’t get to use your ATV as much as you’d like, a good fuel additive is important to keep your fuel from going bad.  When you do finally get to hit the dusty trail with some hunting gear, fishing tackle, camping gear, and good friends in tow, you’re going to want everything to run smoothly.

ATV maintenance

While it excels at keeping fuel fresh, this much more than a storage product. When used with every tank, Techron removes gum and varnish that can build up inside your ATV’s fuel system and engine. This helps keep your engine clean for the long-term (when used continuously for preventative maintenance) and provides protection against corrosion, which can also cause a variety of technical issues no outdoorsman wants to encounter out in the boonies.

Because it also removes harmful carbon deposits, you’ll also see better fuel economy and performance.  Who doesn’t want a better, longer ride between fuel stops?

Using a high-quality fuel additive like Techron Powersports and Small Engine should be part of a regular, ongoing maintenance plan.  If you haven’t already got a maintenance mindset, get in the habit of checking up on your machine prior to and after any ride, as you don’t want any unwelcome surprises once you get out to your destination. Always check your tires, your oil, your filters, coolant, batteries, etc. before every trip.  And for those of you who haven’t added this into your routines already, we recommend checking out a fuel additive for added protection and enhanced performance. They do more than you might realize.

ATV maintenance

If that all sounds like a win to you, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t at under $10 a bottle for the 10 oz size, be sure to check out Techron Powersports & Small Engine from Chevron, which is formulated to give you a whole host of benefits, including fuel stabilization for up to 2 years, in one single product. It’s available online through Walmart, Amazon, and AutoZone, as you might not want to visit stores in person during this time.

So, if you’ve got your eyes fixed on the calendar waiting for the chance to hit the backcountry with your buds, make sure you take some easy and affordable steps to protect your machine now. Protect yourself. Protect your engine.