Colorado’s Rocking R Ranch

Within the view of Lone Cone Peak, the Rocking R Ranch is perfectly positioned to fulfill a hunter’s dream. Between the Rocking R Ranch and additional privately leased lands, there are 6700 acres of prime habitat for Southwest Colorado’s famous big game populations. In addition, much of the Rocking R borders National Forest that is almost untouchable by the public. This combination of habitat and private access is the dream combo for hunters who desire to have a chance for a monster elk, buck or bear.

A wide variety of vegetation creates attractive habitat for wild game. Gambrel oaks, ponderosa pines, and cottonwood bottoms grow in the lower parts of the ranch. Higher elevations transition to aspen groves and pine forests, creating prime breeding grounds for elk and deer during the rut. Big game herds are also drawn to the ranch by the many water features, which include ponds, streams and springs.

The elk and deer are prevalent on the Rocking R throughout the summer, fall, and early winter until the deep snows drive them off. The ranch is also home to many black bears, turkeys and blue grouse, expanding the hunting opportunities even further.

For more than 20 years, the Rocking R’s wildlife has been professionally managed, and the placement of many types of hunting blinds have been constructed and positioned to maximize a hunter’s chance at taking a quality animal.

There are many options available to individuals or groups of hunters. Professional guides will work hard to make your hunt as rewarding as possible. Hunters of any experience level are welcome at the Rocking R Ranch.

The amenities of the Rocking R Ranch are extremely comfortable and a welcome retreat for hunters returning from a day spent in the elements. The lodge can accommodate twenty to thirty hunters comfortably in its 4000 square foot, seven-bedroom, seven-bath lodge. The food is first class and breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared by the on-site cook, and served in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The front and back porches of the lodge offer incredible views where one can kick back and plan the next day’s adventures or swap stories about the day’s hunt.

The hunts offered include a professional guide for each pair of hunters. Your guide will have scouted out the best possible scenarios for your type of hunt and will work hare to make them a success. The guide will also clean your animal and hang it in the ranch’s cold room, assuring the best treatment of your meat. Processors and taxidermists can be recommended, but are the responsibility of the hunter.

Hunters typically arrive the evening before their hunt and leave the morning after, giving clients five full days in between to hunt and explore the ranch. Bear and turkey hunting is also extremely good and can be done alone or in combination with other hunts depending on the timing of seasons. Local fishing holes can also round out a sportsman’s trip offering the opportunity to sample everything Colorado has to offer.

Elk, mule deer and bear hunts are broken into the various seasons, archery, muzzleloader and rifle. Each season has unique benefits and hunters should contact the pros at the Rocking R to learn what is available. Their guides can recommend the best plan of action to make your dream hunt a reality.

You should check out the Rocking R Ranch website and see the latest trail cam uploads. These are not pictures of trophies gone by, but actual pictures of the game that is still out there waiting for you.

The proximity of the ranch to Norwood, a typical small Colorado town, offers basic amenities within 14 miles. The ski resort area of Telluride is only 45 minutes away and offers skiing, restaurants and shops.

The lodge is located far enough away to feel remote, without being too remote.

So plan your next hunt to the Rocking R Ranch and make the most of your precious days off. A hunting trip is a great way to bond with family or team build with the company. Either way the Rocking R Ranch is an experience you will never forget.