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Huge Wahoo Caught

huge wahoo

Chris Bishop sales manager at Yo-Zuri recently caught this massive 91-pound wahoo while snapper fishing out of Daytona, Florida.

huge wahoo

“Big thanks to Kyle Wagner and Trey Waller for helping get this one in the boat,” said Chris Bishop, Sales Manager at Yo-Zuri. ‘The wahoo swam up to the boat and starting eating bonita chunks intended for red snapper. Kyle chummed half a flat of sardines to keep it by boat. We pulled hook on it once and figured it was gone., but a half-hour later it smoked the bonita carcass we threw in and then it ate my pitch bait sardine on the Van Staal. Kyle was on the wheel right away chasing it down with the boat. If he hadn’t acted quickly, the fish would have dumped us. We ended up 3/4s of a mile away from where we hooked it. Trey was on the gaff and did a hell of a job since this was his first gaffing experience on a boat.”

Yo-Zuri TopKnot

Chris was using a 200 sized Van Staal spinning reel spooled with 40# Yo-Zuri Superbraid and a Yo-Zuri TopKnot Fluorocarbon leader.