How To Rig A Stinger Setup For Live Bait Fishing

Capt. Rush Maltz, Co-Host of Local Knowledge is a Florida Keys native and offshore fishing guide by trade.  He offers a step-by-step video on how to rig a stinger setup when live baiting for toothy fish like wahoo and large king mackerel.

rigging a stinger rig

“I use this stinger rig when I fish a large live bait for any fish with teeth.  I use a 12 to 14-inch piece of single strand wire leader.  I first attach a 5/0 Mustad hook, and I prefer a long shank for this rig.  This single hook is the lead hook that goes in the bait’s nostrils or mid-back in front of the dorsal fin.  The subsequent hooks will be treble hooks,” says Capt. Rush.

rigging a stinger rig

“I measure out the bait and build the rig to fit so that the last stinger treble hook is near the tail and the sliding treble can be placed to split the difference,” said Capt. Rush.  “This allows me to make sure that no matter where the fish bites it, there is a hook to catch him and prevent missed fish from short strikes.”

tackle rigging

“I also like to “stiff” rig the last treble hook by wrapping the leader wire around the shank of the hook and back through the eye of the hook before twisting my haywire twist and barrel wraps.  This keeps the back hook from dangling and tangling with the rig.”

Capt. Rush likes to adjust the length of the trailing hooks to match the size of his live bait.  You can also connect the rig to your mainline using a small but strong barrel swivel or tie direct using an Albright knot for mono to wire leader.

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