How To Clean & Cook A Yellowtail – Loins, Belly & Collars


Join Yanni Hassir of Fisherman’s Belly for a seaside fish cleaning demo on a locally caught yellowtail from SoCal waters.  Yanni shows us step by step on how to maximize the yield of meat when cleaning fish.  He first takes off the loins using Gerber’s new Controller Salt fillet knives, using the bones as a guide to ensure he’s not leaving any valuable meat on the bone.

“I like the sharp point of these knives to easily trim out the ribs and any other fine cutting points during the job,” said Yanni.  “I like the 10″ knife for skinning because it reaches all of the way across the fillet and gives me full control of the skinning process.”

“The belly of the yellowtail can be cooked so many ways, Yanni exclaimed.  “Just take out the rib bones and clean off the cavity lining and you have this beautiful piece of fish.  The other cut from the fish that I love and is so often thrown overboard is the collar.  It’s not hard to remove, though I do keep a pair of heavy scissors like the Processor handy for one particular bone, after that, the collar can be one of the tastiest parts of the fish.  In fact, I’m going to cook one right now with a delicious tropical salsa on top.”

Visit the Gerber website to see their great knives and tools or visit Fisherman’s Belly for more great recipes and techniques for cooking fish and seafood.

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