How to Build an Overhead Rod Holder

As fishermen, it seems we can never have too many rods. Manufacturers make a fishing rod for just about every occasion these days. There are trolling rods, casting rods, jigging rods, spinning rods… The list goes on and on. At the end of the day, most of us have a pile of fishing rods sitting in the basement or garage.

Storing all of those fishing rods can become a challenge and if you don’t store your fishing rods in an out-of-the-way spot, there’s a good chance they will get damaged.

As a charter captain, I have too many rods to count and I’ve found the most affordable and best way to store all of the fishing rods is to use bike hooks that screw into a piece of wood.

It’s super easy and much cheaper than buying a prebuilt rod rack. I take two two-by-fours and screw in a row of bike hooks. This is the backbone of your economical rod holder.

Once you have the hooks screwed into the wood, you can easily mount them to your garage rafters or the ceiling of your storage room. Make sure to tie them into the studs as those trolling rods can get heavy.

To make it easier to get the rods up and down, I built a tool so I don’t need a ladder each time I want to grab a fishing a rod. I took a long closet dowel and inserted a U-shaped tool hanger onto the end. This tool makes it much easier to put the rods in a ceiling mounted rod holder.

Put the rod butt in one hook and use your extension to put the tip up.

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