How To Crimp Big Game Fish Hooks

crimp big game fish hooks

Crimping is an integral part of big game fishing where heavier leaders are required to catch larger fish.  Once you get above #100 it gets very difficult to tie knots due to the size and stiffness of the leader material.  This is where aluminum crimps come into play.

crimp big game fish hooksCrimps, when rigged properly are incredibly strong and can be fished with extreme confidence for giant fish.  This only holds true when they are properly applied to the terminal ends of a rig and Ali Hussainy of Local Knowledge explains how to crimp properly.

“Making a good crimp connection is really easy but it has to be done right or disaster will strike”, says Ali.  “The first step is making sure you are starting with the right size crimp and that you test it with the actual leader you are using.  For example, we like to use Seaguar Fluorocarbon leader and their 200# is slightly thinner than standard so I use the next size down in my crimp to make sure it fits snug before crimping.  Follow these simple steps and you too can make super-strong dependable connections to your tackle.  It’s what we do every day to crimp on our Mustad 7691 big game hooks for tuna and swordfishing.”

crimp big game fish hooks

Crimping Tips

  • Confirm correct crimp size
  • Start crimping in the middle with hand crimpers
  • Don’t crimp the very edge of the crimp. You want it to flare out.
  • Take your time

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