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The Hounds of Fred Hall

1Hounds Fred Hall

A favorite tradition at Fred Hall Shows is the Ultimate Air Dogs competition.  How far can they jump? Check out this Impact Zone to see how.

2Milt Wilcox

A feature often overlooked by many of the thousands attending either The Fred Hall Shows-The Ultimate Outdoor Experience, Long Beach or Del Mar, is the exciting and entertaining Dock Diving Competition hosted by “Ultimate Air Dogs” (UAD) under the watchful eyes of Milt Wilcox acting as ringmaster.

3How Far

Cathi Wilcox along with their dogs: Slash (1.5-years-old); Nash (8.5-years-old); and their father, Flash (10.5-years-old) from Jacksonville, Florida while not competing can’t resist showing off their dog’s skill during the downtime on the platform.

4Frame 2A

With an all-about-family, grass roots attitude and the ability to make every competitor and spectator feel welcomed.

5Frame 2B

One of the fastest-growing segments of competition in the Dog World. “UAD” has been traveling from coast to coast since 2005 and has contributed to the growing popularity of the sport.

6Frame 3A

From the smallest jumper like Lori and Heather Signs’ Rambo,. all mixes and breeds (mixed or purebred), any size, (Yorkies to Great Danes), are encouraged as long as they can swim, with or without a life vest!

7Frame 3B

To the largest high flyer, like Skye owned by Sherry Howell . .

8Frame 4A

All are welcome at UAD — every dog is equally special, Rambo owned by Lori and Heather Signs

9Frame 4B

For dogs having difficulty learning, there are volunteer instructors willing to assist between activities; Barley and Pam Sheets

10Frame 5

It isn’t necessary for the dogs to leap 20 feet to earn a ribbon. UAD’s divisional finals level the playing field with top dogs in each division competing in the “Grand Finale.” Shari Robinson’s Nevada

11Frame 6

Throughout the Fred Hall show there is ample practice time for the owners and dogs to fine-tune their jumping techniques as Beverly Familar demonstrates with one of her two dogs.

12Frame 7

Determining the toy a dog likes and throwing it at the proper speed and distance are essential for success. Jacquie Ochsner and Kima

13Frame 8

Spectator’s jaws drop as the dogs and handlers perform.

14Frame 9

A perfect throw equals a perfect catch proven by Skye and Sherry Howell.

15Frame 10

The entire family becomes involved as young Riley Weinstein exhibits with Pismo.

16Frame 11

Often desire outdistances form.

17Frame 12

Apparently it’s all about how Cathy Segura and Ollie hold their mouth.

18Frame 13

Perfect “throw” and perfect “take-off” is poetry.

19Frame 14A

Shari Robinson’s Nevada’s techniques are an example of how each dog’s style varies. First studying the challenge.

20Frame 14B

Then plunging in head first in search of the toy at the bottom of the pool.

21Frame 15

UAD sets up beneath the famous Clock Tower at Del Mar Fairgrounds.

22Frame 16

Let the games begin! Josh Balon and Shelly

23Frame 17

We can do this! Tammy Strassenberg with Reese

24Frame 18

A rare double-jump thrills the crowd. Andra Lew with Kalani and Pam Sheets with Brooklyn

25Frame 19


26Frame 20

Pounce! Candis Amasalian and Tribute

27Frame 21

The prize. Brooklyn owned by Pam Sheets.

28Frame 22

The stretch! James Wall and Raven

29Frame 23

Dogs of all shapes compete. Pam Brody, with one of her three Labradoodles (a cross-breed of a Labrador and a standard poodle).

30Frame 24

Skye stretches for the sky.

31Frame 25

The toy is bigger than the Tiny Tonic, the dog and owner Amanda Kinley.

32Frame 26

Matching outfits with matching ribbons for accessories yield smiles and kisses for Lori and Heather Signs with their marvelous Macho.

33Frame 27

The “Ultimate Air Dogs” puts the SPLASH in The Fred Hall Shows-The Ultimate Outdoor Experience, at Long Beach next to the Food Court outside or Del Mar, beneath the Clock tower. Check them out at in 2017!

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