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Hook & Tackle Shark Week With University Of Miami

Hook & Tackle, a leader in the sport fishing apparel industry, has partnered up with the University of Miami School of Marine & Atmospheric Science to produce officially licensed H&T field gear for the university’s Shark Research Program. A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Shark Research & Conservation Program.

UM shark research

For years the UM Shark Program conducted hundreds of field trips, laboratory sessions, and workshops, exposing thousands of students to field research. The data collected has produced 5 scientific publications and generated international media attention including CNN, Discovery Channel, and the Animal Planet to name just a few.

UM builds upon its internationally recognized programs in marine and ecosystem science and fosters innovative interdisciplinary approaches to emerging environmental issues.

UM shark research

This partnership has evolved as a community outreach program for Hook & Tackle to give back not only to the community but to the world to better comprehend sharks. Stan Rudman, an owner of Hook & Tackle went out on a field trip with famed researcher Dr Neil Hammerschlag and had the opportunity to get up close to these amazing sharks. “It feels so good to be able to see the work that goes in this program, once we caught the shark and brought it on board I had to physically take a syringe and drop water into its eyes, it was a cool experience.”

UM shark research

For years Hook & Tackle along with the UM Shark Research Program has been a huge part of the upcoming SHARK WEEK on the Discovery channel. Hook & Tackle has been involved with many shows along with the University of Miami Shark Team and has featured celebrities including, Gronk, Michael Phelps & Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran.

Get ready to see the next 2 upcoming shows next week on Discovery on Monday, August 10 at 9 PM (EST) called Shaqattack and Wednesday, August 12 at 8 PM, (EST) called Monster Under the Bridge.

UM shark research

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