Hook & Tackle Fins Weekend Benefits Great Causes

Fins Weekend
Hook & Tackle Party

Hook & Tackle, performance fishing outfitters since 1963, is a proud sponsor of the Miami Dolphin Foundation, helping to raise millions of dollars over the past 22 years. The Fins Weekend event has benefitted causes from Cystic Fibrosis to education mentorship, inspiring needy students to stay in school and move on to college.

Fins Weekend
JUST DO IT Fishing Boat

It was a perfect Saturday morning to get out on the waters to fish for dolphin, wahoo, tuna and kingfish. “The water was like glass”, says Stan Rudman, co-chairman of the event and an owner of Hook & Tackle. “This is an event where NFL players will spend over 8 hours on a boat with you and before you know it, you start lifelong friendships”

Fins Weekend
Linebacker Raekwon McMillan

After fishing, over 1500 people including NFL players, alumni, coaches and cheerleaders enjoy the Awards gala with amazing cocktails, food from over 20 plus of the finest restaurants, auctions and entertainment till 2 am. The winner of the tournament gets a ride on the Team Charter to an away game, truly a priceless experience.

This is one of the league’s largest community events where players and fans get to enjoy their passion for fishing and party together on an amazing fun-filled day.

Fins Weekend
OT Ja ‘Waun James

Former QB and Hall of Famer Dan Marino and Alumni and newly Hall of Famer Jason Taylor have been attending this event since it started. “I have been fortunate in all my years in Miami and we wanted to partner with the Miami Dolphins to be able to give back together to our communities and lend a hand to all those that need it. Feels good to do good.

The event just ended hours ago, and I am already on it for 2019” says Stan Rudman