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Batten Down The Hatches SoCal Fish Report

SoCal fish reportIt’s raining as I’m writing this on Thursday morning and by the time you read it on Friday, the rain will likely be gone but the wind will just be getting started. Make no mistake, if the forecast doesn’t change dramatically, you’re probably not going fishing this weekend. I only included “probably” because I know several gluttons for punishment, one of which told me he’s going to trailer down and fish San Diego Bay.

SoCal fish reportThis shot of the wind forecast for Saturday afternoon tells you everything you need to know.

Sure, you might find a small weather window early but if you fish local you’re going to be dealing with some ugly water due to all of the rain runoff. If you fish anywhere other than local, you’re probably not going to make it home safely if you stay out too long. I highly suggest just staying home and doing some boat maintenance or tackle tinkering instead.

SoCal fish reportThis week’s Navionics chart is going to look at what was and what might be once the weather straightens back out, which won’t likely be until late next week. All of this wind is likely to put an end to what little surface action there was at the Channel Islands and I’d suspect sport boats will be targeting rockfish in the near future. The wind has been blowing hard at San Nic for several days already and will continue to do so through the weekend so it’s going to be a rough ride even once the wind stops. If you’re thinking about jumping on a trip out there I’d wait until at least next weekend.

It seems like the tuna bite at the Cortes withstood last week’s round of wind but I haven’t heard what it did to the water temps out there. What I do know is that the later we get in the year, the more fragile that bite is going to get and you never know which straw is going to break the camel’s back. Several boats have trips on line immediately following the worst of the wind, so we should get a pretty good idea of how the bite fared by midweek.

SoCal fish reportLet’s talk about some other post wind fishing options. The halibut at the top of this article were caught out of Dana Wharf this week. They are running a halibut derby with a couple trips per week. Other than halibut, most of the local boats are going to be focusing on rockfish until the closure on the 31st. The bonito are still biting in the Santa Monica Bay and I’d imagine this weather won’t have a negative effect on the bite.

The weather is going to have private boaters stuck fishing close to home this week. If you can make it out to Catalina, the calicos are biting in the lee and there are still some big bonito around. This report is a couple weeks old now, but I’m sure the details are still valid. Bad weather days are also good opportunities to fish the Long Beach inner harbor. I did that over the weekend and had good calico bass fishing on hardbaits and crankbaits fished along rip rap.

SoCal fish reportFinally, the yellowtail are still biting at the Coronados, but scores were down a bit in recent days. Some of the full day boats will be shutting down for their yearly maintenance soon, but I’m sure there will still be a couple running this month. The water at the Coronados tends to roll when the wind blows so we’ll have to wait and see what that does to the yellowtail bite. Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend, and if you decide to go fishing, please be careful.

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