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One Man Catches 2,143 Fish in 24 Hours – Guinness World Records for Fishing

Guinness World Records for fishing recently recognized Jeff “Kolo” Kolodzinski, the marketing director for Frabill, as the man who caught and released the most fish in a single day. He caught the fish during a late-summer sweltering stretch of 2010. Wearing a “marathon man” superhero costume, he attempted to break his own record for catching and immediately releasing the most fish ever in a 24-hour stint. Kolo had set the mark before, but it wasn’t officially recognized by Guinness World Records.

Kolo, Frabill, and the sponsoring corps from Fishing for Life jumped through technical hoop after technical hoop to see that the attempt was documented, following the stringent official guidelines set by Guinness World Records. They assembled the mandated number of observers, fish counters, video verification and so on. Only thing left was, whether or not Kolo would come through with the fish. And he did in spectacular fashion, releasing 2,143 fish from the docks of Maynard’s Restaurant on Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka.

The bulk of the booty was made up of sunfish and crappies, but the occasional rogue largemouth bass and northern pike also added to the tally. Sometimes, a curious muskie would approach, scattering Kolo’s fish until the coast was clear.

Rumor has it that he’ll be back at it again this summer, trying to beat the mark and raise more funds and awareness for Fishing for Life, a nonprofit group dedicated to getting more kids out fishing. Kolo says that no matter how handsome the record looks in his trophy case, it’s really about getting kids hooked on fishing.

Fishing For Life is dedicated to serving youth through organized fishing programs. In 2008, FFL was selected by the National Parks and Recreation Association to serve as one of 30 anchor agencies in the United States dedicated to promote and engage youth in fishing and boating activities.

Fishing for Life coordinates three programs to serve this mission: The Reel ‘Em In Kids program collects unwanted rods, reels and tackle and distributes them to young anglers at lake events and community festivals. Fish Fair is an indoor winter fishing carnival. During Fish Fair, kids make jigs and lures, learn about various fish species and their habitats, are taught timeless techniques and sportsmanship. The family event also gives attendees the opportunity to learn more about clubs, organizations, and camps that offer youth fishing programs. More than 1,500 anglers attended Fish Fair this year, including more than 100 Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, who even earned rank advancements. Lastly, Fishing for Life organizes the Fish-A-Thon, a philanthropically driven program to raise money for organizations serving urban youth.

For more information visit Fishing For Life