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Guatemala Fishing Reports From Casa Vieja

Fishing Reports From Casa Vieja

The fishing has remained very consistent during the whole month of January for the guests at Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala. The lodge reports, “The past 2 weeks we had 2 very fun large groups that hosted their own tournaments which always makes the stakes higher!

Guatemala fishingThe Creamer Group, or should we say the Hudson Tuna Club, hosted their 2nd annual Billfish Shootout here amongst friends and family and in 3 days 5 boats totaled 364 raises, 324 bites, 205 releases, along with 2 blue marlin and 9 dorados. Each year new family members are inducted into this prestigious fishing vacation and we can’t wait to see who joins next year!

For the Derner group it was their 3rd time visiting at the lodge and each year more anglers join in on the fun. Their first year down they had 1 boat, and this visit it was 7 boats!  The secret seems to be out about the spectacular fishery we have down in Guatemala. In 3 days of fishing on 7 boats, the Derner group totaled 651 raises, 583 bites, and 370 releases along with 10 blue marlin releases and 28 delicious dorados! With the amount of billfish they released each definitely had their daily angling dose.

With the dependable daily sailfish bite we have also seen a lot more blue marlin and dorado for this time of year.

A day on the inshore with Capt Franz proved well with a mixed plate of 2 rooster fish, and a huge cubera snapper on the 35’-ST Contender.

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casa viejaHere are the January highlights

January 10th-14th, the El Cadejo (35’ ST Contender) with Capt. Efrain Rizzo, had 135 raises, 110 Bites, 82 sailfish releases, PLUS dorado in just 4 days of fishing!
January 10th-18th, the Intensity (37’ Gamefisherman) with Capt. Mike Sheeder, had 321 raises, 128 bites, & 58 sailfish releases! Plus 5 blue marlin raises, 4 blue marlin bites, 1 blue marlin release, and 1 dorado ALL ON THE FLY!
January 10th-24th, the Rum Line (40’ Gamefisherman) with Capt. Chris Sheeder fished conventional and fly. They had 498 raises, 331 bites, & 189 releases! Plus 19 blue marlin raises, 15 blue marlin bites, 8 blue marlin releases & 15 dorado!
January 11th-25th, the Makaira (37’ Rybovich) with Capt. Jason Brice fished conventional and fly. They had 317 raises, 279 bites, & 185 sailfish releases! They also had 10 blue marlin raises, 5 blue marlin bites, 4 blue marlin release AND 10 dorado!
January 13th-25th, the Finest Kind (40’ Whiticar), with Capt. David Salazar, had 290 raises, 269 bites, & 161 sailfish releases! They also had 12 dorado!
January 13th-25th, the Spindrift (38’ Stolper) with Capt. Nicho Alvarenga, had 340 raises, 307 bites, & 202 sailfish releases. PLUS 6 blue marlin raises, 5 blue marlin bites, 5 blue marlin releases, and 5 dorado!!
January 14th-18th the Pez Raton (35’ ST Contender) with Capt. Franz Hoffman, had 114 raises, 69 bites, & 33 sailfish releases! They also had 2 blue marlin raises, 1 blue marlin release, 3 dorado, 2 roosterfish AND 1 snapper!
January 14th-25th, the Afinity (39’ Billy Knowles) with Capt. Chico Alvarenga, had 321 raises, 251 bites, and 162 sailfish releases. They also had 2 blue marlin raises and 3 dorado!”

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