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Grundens Gage Knife

Grundens USA — the company known worldwide for outfitting Bering Sea crab fishermen — recently added a deck knife to its Gage Technical Gear Line.

The key to the Gage Deck Knife’s versatile performance is a unique, impact resistant plastic sheath with two rare earth magnets that hold the knife securely in place when worn in any position. The sheath features a belt clip/clamp system that allows anglers to fasten it right to the suspenders of bib pants or waders. The knife can also be securely attached to the wearer’s belt situated either vertically or horizontally.

With the handle facing down, the knife is ready for a quick draw, perfect for routine deck chores or to get a mate out of a dangerous entanglement when leadering a big marlin or tuna.

This knife’s high-carbon, surgical stainless steel blade provides a razor sharp, durable edge. The serrated four-inch blade makes for quick, sure cuts when used for a variety of on-deck chores. This precision blade is balanced with a large, ergonomically shaped handle that fits well in gloved or bare hands. The soft grip handle also features an embossed a textured pattern for a sure grip, even with wet, slimy hands.

The knife retails for $19.99. To learn more about the Gage Deck Knife call 800-323-7327or visit www.Grundens.com.