Miami Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

Cinco de Mayo

Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

This year’s Grove Slam took place on Cinco de Mayo, so one team really got into the spirit. I think it helped them find the fish!


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

The washdown girls put down their buckets for a quick photo op. They definitely cleaned up some bloody decks.


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

The Grove Slam’s bikini-clad washdown crew didn’t have a hard time finding several boats to employ their services. Just about every team got their boat washed when they came back to the dock.


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

With Bacardi on as a major sponsor of the Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament, every participant was treated to top-shelf rum and giveaways from the Bacardi Girls.


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

The Casablanca Seafood team found a nice haul of dolphin while working the weedlines off of south Florida.


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

Another team carries up their catch to the Grove Slam scales at the Shake-A-Leg facility in Miami’s Coconut Grove.

Boat cleaning

Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

Still a few more rods to clean up on this boat. No one likes a dirty rod. So make sure to clean em up after a long day.


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

Not even 80-degree Florida weather can break this guy’s spirit! The fun factor is off the chart at the Slam.


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

There is no lack of horsepower in the Grove Slam. Most of the crews run center consoles with three or more outboards. Each year there’s a race to see which boat is the fastest in the fleet.


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

The scale opened at 3:30 p.m. and saw plenty of nice specimens show up over the course of the next several hours.


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

This 30-pound-class dorado topped the leader board for a little while, but a bigger fish did beat it out.


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

The weigh-in always draws a crowd, especially with a custom scale that looks like an oversized trolling rod!


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

The winning fish! A 40-plus pound bull dolphin caught by the Oh-Sea-D team with Mr. Cinco de Mayo himself.

Fishing Tournament

Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

This lady angler proudly weighs her fish on the Grove Slam scale. She caught the dolphin fishing with the Seahunter team and won top female angler honors.


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

A nice kingfish hit the scale. You win the most dough by catching the biggest dolphin in the Grove Slam, but you can also reel in some cash for the largest kingfish, biggest wahoo or heaviest tuna.


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

The Peacekeeper team took top honors in the 2012 Grove Slam and walked off with a total of $12,600 for their efforts.


Not sure how this girl got in, but she was a big hit with the crowd and definitely knows how to market to fishermen.


Once all of the checks are awarded, the Grove Slam hosts a bikini contest to see who will be crowned Miss Grove Slam.


This year’s bikini contest definitely packed the house. The lady in blue was eventually deemed the winner, but it was close.


Taking photos of a bikini contest is a pretty tough assignment. You have to sit in the front row and fight off a bunch of drunken fishermen.


The bikini models give it their all as they work the stage, with hopes of winning the coveted Miss Grove Slam title.


Tournament director Tony Albelo certainly knows what fishermen like… great food, fun fishing, bikini chicks and booze. No wonder they call this event the “Funnest fishing tournament in the world.”


Now that will definitely get you a few wild cheers. Well done!

For the Title

Ladies can you turn around for the audience. Thank you!


Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

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