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Australia Grander Marlin Fishing | John Ashley

7Aussie Grander

As the sun began to go down over the Great Barrier Reef, a monster marlin rose up to the surface, swallowed down a big tuna bait and gave one lucky angler the fight of his life.

6Big Marlin

If you want to target these beasts, you’re going to need big baits and even bigger tackle. Crews skip 20-pound tunas behind the boat rigged with 20/0 hooks.

5grander Marlin jump

The fish launched itself right behind the boat like a torpedo, giving the crew their first glance at the 1,100-pound black marlin.

4big marlin jump

The power of the fish combined with the low light of the falling sun made for some very dramatic photos.

3Grander Marlin Big Jump

The largest black marlin are all female, and this big girl wanted to put on a show.

2Grander Australia

In the chair, an angler can put upwards of 70 pounds of drag pressure against the fish, sometimes more. That much pressure will wear down any angler.

1marlin black

The black marlin is not done yet, but the end of the fight is drawing near and the crew readies the tag sticks. This big girl will be released to fight another day.

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