Fishing Gear

GoPro Hands-Free Video

Video cameras and salt water don’t mix. One good wave over the transom and that bad boy is done. Well, not any more.

“If you’ve ever destroyed a video camera on a boat, it’s time to think about switching to a GoPro.”

The GoPro is waterproof and virtually indestructible. Served up in a small package, about the size of a regular point-and-shoot digital camera, the GoPro HERO cam delivers professional-quality video and can shoot up to 1080 HD video. You can also take photos with them.

Fishermen are not the only ones using the GoPro. Surfers mount them to their boards, skiers wear them on their helmets and motocross riders put them on their handlebars to record every piece of the action from a unique, first-person point of view. The end results are sick.

If you want to start recording your trips, check out the GoPro cameras offered by Melton International Tackle. Through Melton you can purchase an individual GoPro unit or pick out one of the special packages such as the Angler’s Pack that comes complete with a helmet HERO camera, suction-cup mount, battery, waterproof housing, cables and everything else you need to get started in a waterproof Pelican hard case. You can add on other accessories for all sorts of configurations.

The Angler’s Pack retails for $436. There’s also a Boat Pack that has three cameras so you can capture more than one angle. That one retails for $999. Check it out at Melton Tackle.