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Good Fishing Weather In The SoCal Forecast

Ready for some good news? The wind is not going to be blowing this weekend in our Socal Forecast!

In fact, most of the Southern California Bight is forecast to be wind free from Friday night through at least Wednesday. The long range SoCal forecast is calling for another shot of wind Thursday and Friday but let’s just enjoy this weather window and worry about the wind next week.

SoCal rockfishThis has been another week of thin fishing coverage due to wind. The weather at the Channel Islands has been nasty the last couple days, but boats fishing the coast have been scoring rockfish. The Stardust out of Santa Barbara had good fishing for quality reds, like the ones pictured, over the weekend and should be back on the fish once the weather straightens out. Depending on what the wind did to conditions, there might be some yellows and seabass biting at the islands as well, so make sure and bring at least one surface fishing set up if you’re heading out on a rockfish trip.

navionics chartsThere are no big changes to this week’s Navionics Chart but some areas are biting better than they were. As has been the case, rockfish are the main draw at the outer islands but any of them could kick out some yellows. Most boats along the coast are fishing rockfish as well but there are bass to be caught as well and if we can string together a few days of calm winds the bite should improve.

Boats fishing Catalina Island have been catching a mix of bass, bonito and rockfish with a smattering of yellowtail. There is squid at the island and it definitely helps to have it, so I recommend picking some up from Nacho’s Barge or from the Pacific Carnage in front of Avalon. I fished bass at  the island on Saturday and had good fishing shallow on the east end of the island but paid for it with a very rough and windy ride home. You can read my full report here. With this weekend’s improved SoCal forecast, I’m going to make the run to San Clemente Island to fish bass and take a look around for some yellows.

The best yellowtail bite on the coast is currently happening out of San Diego. Boats are catching fish both at the Coronado Islands and offshore. The fish at the islands are mostly in the 5 to 10-pound range with a few bigger ones thrown in. The ones being caught offshore are coming in a variety of sizes but the ones in the photo at the top of this article are fairly representative of what’s being caught. If you’re planning to jump on an all day trip, you’ll want to make sure where the boat will be fishing. If it’s running to the islands, I’d make sure and bring your surface iron and yo-yo rod as the fish have been biting the jigs well. If the boat is heading offshore you’ll want to bring a bluefin set up as well as the boats are seeing fish. The Mission Belle out of Point Loma has island trips scheduled while the Liberty out of Fisherman’s Landing and the San Diego out of Seaforth Landing are scheduled to fish offshore.

SoCal ForecastThe bluefin counts have been low this week but that’s been 100% due to lack of fishing effort. Between the wind and it being early season, not many boats got off the dock this week. The boats that did go found fish, though not all of them bit, which is always a problem with bluefin. If you’re thinking about heading out this weekend, I’d spend the extra money to jump on a 1 1/2-day trip so that you’ll have the opportunity to find fish late. At this time of year it seems like a lot of boats get bit first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon and a 1 1/2-day trip allows you to be there for both. Good Luck wherever you choose to fish this weekend and make the most of a great SoCal forecast.

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Erik Landesfeind is BD's Southern California Editor and has over 30 years of experience saltwater fishing for a range of species in both California and Mexican waters. Erik is also an active freelance writer and the author of the weekly column So Cal Scene, which BD publishes every Friday. In So Cal Scene, Erik keeps all of the BD readers up to date on what's biting in Southern California. Erik divides his fishing time on local boats, long-range trips and Mexico excursions. For the past eight years, Erik has been competing in the SWBA (Saltwater Bass Anglers) tournament series and has multiple tournament victories to his credit. His sponsors include Batson Enterprises / Rainshadow Rods, Robalo Boats, Tilly's Marine, Abu/Garcia, Penn Reels, Navionics, Raymarine, MC Swimbaits, Uni-Butter Fishing Scent and Bladerunner Tackle.