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Girls vs Goliath

Goliath Grouper Fishing

Check out this video from Tenacity Guide Service in Boca Grande, Florida. Deidra, the first mate, helps Mallory battle against a giant goliath grouper as it tries to get back into the inshore structures of these pristine Southwest Florida waters.

We are proud to say that Deidra is a long time BD Fishin Chick.

Goliath grouper have been protected in Florida waters for many years and they have bounced back and are now populating any piece of inshore structure that they can find. Many are calling for a limited harvest or lottery-style tag to strike a balance in their population explosion. It is observed by many, that the large concentrations of goliath grouper eat or displace many of the previous occupants of a structure like grouper and snapper. They also make it very difficult to land a fish, because the goliath swims up and eats it.

Now becoming a specialized sport itself, the challenge of catching and releasing the goliath draws to many anglers because few other fish have the brute power that these giant grouper do. A definite case of go big or go home, as your tackle must be over the top strong to hold up to these giant fish and turn them from their hideouts.

Goliath Grouper Fishing

These ladies do a great job of tag teaming this giant fish to the surface for a quick release and swim with their fish.