Giant Cobia From Brazil


I still can’t believe how big this cobia was.

Can you imagine how big it looked underwater, where all objects appear 25% larger than life.

Like seeing it in the sideview mirror. The IGFA world record cobia is 135 pounds 9 ounces and that is huge. This beast was 172 pounds, but will not threaten the record as this “larger than life” cobia was taken by spearfishermen. This in no way should take away from the feat that must have taken place under water during its capture.

It is reported that it took two divers taking multiple shots to subdue this giant. Cyrus Ravin took the first shot and then his partner Marcelo Mello Lobato helped out with his speargun. A third shot by Bravin made the kill and they got their cobia up from the 85 foot depths off the coast of Brazil.

Congratulations are in order and it certainly makes me wonder just how big can a cobia get?

Photo credit: Bradenton Herald