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Get Your Flying Fish At Melton’s

flying fish

Melton’s International Tackle keeps you stocked up on the hottest lures and all the tackle it takes to rig and use them.

Maguro Tackle Flying Fish are the hottest flyer’s for offshore tuna and Dorado. Unique to the Maguro’s, is it’s 1 pc. wing and body. Unlike the competition that has wings glued on (that will eventually come off) Maguro Flyers are made from a single mold ensuring durability and longevity.

Tough construction ensure that this lure is more than a one hit wonder.

Flown from the kite or trolled by itself or in a daisy chain, Maguro Flyers are deadly on all tuna and pelagic gamefish. Firmer body material ensures this lure skips and troll’s properly and presents the most life-like Flyer out there…A Flyer running for it’s life from a tuna! features leader hole in the nose and enlarged hook cavity for large offshore hooks and or lead weight placement.

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