Gerber Introduces The Controller Fillet Knife – Built For Salt

When Gerber decided to expand their already proven product lines to angler-specific products, they started out by asking questions and listening to people who fish for fun and a living.  After gathering a feel for what anglers wanted, they set out to fill the need with a Gerber fillet knife.

Fillet Knife GerberThe Gerber Controller Fillet Knife System was the result of listening and delivering a better product.

The Fillet Knife Blade

It’s no surprise that the top design priority was centered around the blade. The business end of a Gerber fillet knife is crucial, and being able to re-sharpen on the go is key.  Gerber engineers decided on a stainless blade made from 9Cr steel, selected specifically for its toughness, corrosion resistance, and edge retention.  The blade is also mirrored polished for added protection and easy cleaning.  Of course, the Controller fillet knives feature a full tang construction for balance and durability.

Fillet Knife GerberThe Cyan and Muck-handled, saltwater versions of Controller knives feature Gerber’s proprietary Salt Rx™ corrosion-resistant protection to make these knives last longer in our corrosive environment.

The Fillet Knife Handle

Speaking of the Cyan and Muck handles, the grip was the second most talked about feature in Gerber’s survey of anglers’ needs.  They set about to create a comfortable, yet easy to clean grip from glass-reinforced polypropylene.

Gerber knifeBut they didn’t stop there, Gerber added a rubber-textured HydroTread Grip™ to offer the best grip possible in wet or slimy situations.  The ergonomic design incorporated a deep finger choil and arched palm swell allowing your hand to lock around the handle of this fillet knife.  Gerber’s GuideFins™ create a cradle for your thumb and give you a pressure point to help guide the knife’s blade for maximum control and precision cutting.

fillet knifeThe Gerber Fillet Knife Controller Salt knife is offered in three blade lengths to match your type of fishing: 6″, 8″,& 10″

The Sheath

With their premium Gerber fillet knife design in place, Gerber turned their focus to building a sheath that shared the same functionality as these knives.  Gerber created a solid, molded sheath with large ports to flush out chunks and scales. Both belt and clip options were incorporated for maximum flexibility in keeping your knife handy. All knives need a quick sharpening from time to time, so Gerber built a knife-sharpening stick right into the sheath design.

GerberThe Gerber Controller Fillet Knife demonstrates the power of listening and the tool building background and expertise required to take fishing tools to another level.

Check out the Gerber website to learn more and see the broad range of re-imagined tools for anglers in both fresh and saltwater fishing.