Furuno Radar Features Comparison Video S02 E12

Furuno Radar Features Comparison Video S02 E12

Furuno Connections Episode 12
The crew at Furuno continue their comparison series of the TZtouch3 MFD against leading competitor models.
TZtouch3 offers the Target Analyzer feature, where targets approaching you faster than 3 knots turn to a red target to warn you of a hazardous target coming at you.
The other three Radars offer a similar feature, but how well do they work when it’s a small boat coming at them from under a bridge?
Furuno demonstrates in this test.
They also track that small boat going under a bridge to see which of the Doppler Radars, if any, can see it appear on the other side of the bridge. You might be surprised to see the results of this test.
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