Furuno Fish Finder Mobile App TZ First Mate & More

Furuno Fish Finder Mobile App TZ First Mate & More

In this episode, Furuno looks at some important features in the TZtouch3 internal TruEcho CHIRP Fish Finder.
TZ First Mate
To start, you can learn about the TZ First Mate, a free mobile app that allows you to log your catches, capturing fish species, length, width, and even photos. Once you enter the info, it automatically displays on your TZT3 MFD.
You can even use a drone to take photos and display them on your MFD.
Also in part 3 of our best Fish Finder comparison 2020, we look at how to determine fish size and depth using ACCU-FISH. Quickly determine the makeup of the seafloor (rocks, mud, gravel, or sand) with the Bottom Discrimination function. Zoom in to sections of the bottom with Bottom Lock and Bottom Zoom. Compare these features to the competitor systems to see if they have these types of features and if they do, how they compare to TZtouch3.
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