Freeman Boatworks 40

Freeman Boatworks 40 foot Custom Power Catamaran

On a recent trip to Venice Louisiana, the BD crew had a chance to experience the one of a kind monster 40 foot Freeman Boatworks Catamaran.

40 Freeman at the dock

Freeman Boatworks have recently become the vessel of choice for many Gulf of Mexico captains. On a walk down the docks of Venice Marina you may see several of the popular 33′ models, but today, one seems to stick out a bit further than the rest…. about 7 feet to be exact!

Freeman 40 Foot Catamaran

Holy forty freeman batman! When a gentlemen from Houston Texas was looking for a center console cat that could cruise 45mph, yet offer more size then the 33 footer, Billy Freeman’s answer was to build a one of a kind monster.

40 Foot Freeman Catamaran Quad 300 Horsepower Outboards

In the past, the common rule that Cats could not keep up with mono hulls typically boiled down to horsepower. The solution – slap four outboards on it, two for each hull.

Building the 40 foot freeman catamaran

Not so easy when you have to start from scratch with no mold and make a one off beast. Billy Freeman and the guys and Freeman Boatworks hard at work making this modern day Ark

Freeman 40 Foot Catamaran Console

Ridiculously wide with 13 feet of beam, the 40 footer can afford to have a extra large console to house a bunch of electronics.

Large Freeman Center Console

A massive 800 quart coffin box comes standard on all center console models.

Freeman 40 Rocket Launcher

This 40 footer featured a bunch of custom upgrades including cockpit rocket launcher, tackle station, teak deck, and 680 gallon fuel capacity.

Large 40 Freeman Cockpit

Accommodations for many. When it comes to fishing the Gulf of Mexico, long runs and hairy seas are the norm. Throw a few beanbags in the back and enjoy the ride.

Freeman Boatworks 40 running

Captain Kevin beach takes the helm and steers the Shockwave into the nasty while the crew naps on the ride out.

40 Freemean Teak Deck Option

Custom teak deck option really made this boat pop and felt great under your feet.

Freeman 40 Foot Catamaran Bow Space

Similar to the other models in the lineup, a step up to the bow platform gives you a whole new stage to fight a fish on. While still maintaing adequate gunnel height to dig into a fish, the raised bow area makes it simple to reach a rod over and around when the fish goes on an unexpected run.

Fishing from the Freeman Bow

Giving a shout to Ted way up in the front while he pulls on some snapper!

Full Walk Around Fishability

The 13′ beam really shines when it comes to walk around fishability. You can literally have two lanes of traffic on each side of the console!

Redfish on the inshore rigs

Brant and Kevin welcome a nice redfish aboard the Freeman.

Freeman Boatworks 40 Lots of walk around space

Staging area for Tuna on their way to the box. Brant was not going to let us demonstrate the gaff and lift technique though…

Freeman 40 Foot Catamaran Deck Space

A shot from the bow back give you an idea of the space this thing has while brant recovers a blown overboard jacket, a casualty of 50+ Knot running.

40 Foot Freeman Wide Open

Which leads me to what everyone is probably wondering… how fast will this mother go? Loaded down with fuel, ice, tackle, and six guys, the hammers dropped…

Freeman 40 Foot Catamaran Console Top Speed

51.2 knots on the GPS as this monster glided along like a magic carpet ride!

Quad Yamaha 300 Horsepower motors wide open

While the design can handle 350 horsepower outboards, they choose to go with the lighter weight 300’s on this prototype.

One off custom 40 Foot Catamaran

All in all, this has got to be the baddest center console I have ever ridden in. Fast and comfortable, this thing just ate up whatever you threw at it. With the track record of the popular 33′ model, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing more of these show up. Until then, we had a blast on this one of a kind bad boy on the block.

Michael Torbisco
Born in 1983 in Chicago, Illinois, Michael “Mikey” Torbisco currently resides in the Florida Keys and has been a full-time employee of Spanish Fly...