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re:visx 50
ive got one thats been used once. it has 700 yds 130 lb hollow power pro. have box, tool.
pics upon request
no pay pal
tom (shellback on bd)
do u have - Phenix Axis Rod HAX-720X2H? how much?
Bob Sands
Bob Sands
Good morning H,

Please send me a PM as I can only use 420 characters on this format.. I can give you a more complete response by PM.. 15% off on Phenix plus tax and shipping if required.
I read some old posts about you pulling the Skippy 28 fuel tank, only to find it was ok. Why did you pull it? Just to be proactive?
I have a 1975 Skipjack 28, fuel tank made by Berry Sheet metal. It. seems fine. But I wonder.
Now, the 1991 Wilson, with twin saddle tanks outboard of the central fish holds, are sucking water into them, through the rotten, waterlogged foam.

Did you ever finish your project? I have a 30 CC that I am completely rebuilding. Shoot me a text I have a few questions

Joe 562-810-9718
Hi John, the reason we use quick release clips on our kite leaders is that the crew often changes the kite bait when your turn comes up... they may say, put on a single hook rig for a flying fish, or go to a double trouble etc... if you are not ready, they will put the next guy out.. they want guys to be prepared when they are on deck.. at times, the kite can go off full speed..

I have seen too many snap swivels fail to be comfortable using any style on a big fish outfit.

What time is lost going to find the next angler up? - then go get his kite rod and get him up? - probably the same time as tying or crimping the correct new rig on.


Hey John, sometimes, a guy does not have the new rig on deck, he may want to run down to his room, dig. In a tack box etc... next guy... this is mostly enforced when the fish are biting full speed.. If it is dead, most crews will be more. Forgiving.. moral of the story.. have your different rigs outside. By your box, be ready to switch when you are on deck..
If I got skipped because the crew didnt tie or crimp the correct rig that they pre-made on my setup - last time I would fish that boat.

Its a bullshit provincial rule. Customer service is the key. Skipping people because they don't have the correct rig not cool.

What boat do you fish? - I want to make sure I never get on it.
Replying to your message regarding bait tank. I'll be heading over to the shop in about an hour and can get some pics of the inside and bottom of the tank and send them over. Mike
got it. sounds like you have a buyer. let me know if it falls thru. still have to check if it'll fit in my boat.
Hello Tony,

Did you ask me if I had any original Mildrum Carboloy Spin guides a while ago?? I think you did, and I said I'd get back to you...
It's the shits having an old brain AND body!! I'm still looking for a nice D8. Sold most of mine before a divorce, many a year ago!

Mike Nichols. ICR (Ironmike Custom Rods)
how much do you want for all the norman deep little n's ?
and would you ship ?
$4 each, mix of new and excellent condition. Shipping is no problem. Buy 15 and I’ll ship free.
Hello, you mentioned in a post you may be selling a pair of Fujinons 14x40’s. I may be interested depending on the price and condition. Let me know
Saw you posted in the rod building forum re the RCJB96XH. How do you like it? I'm considering having one built as a 50-60 bait rod, but wasnt sure whether you've found the action too fast to really feel the bait. I have a US Predator 80 for my 60lb outfit and like it, but would rather not shell out that kind of money for another one.
I like it a lot. I fish it from 40-60 with a mak10 and have killed lots of fish with it.
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Tony, Do you still have those shrimp pots? Let me know, Thanks Bill
a lot of people talking about buying them, I'll buy them if no one has actually paid for them. let me know, I'll pay you PayPal today. cheers, but you gotta shit it to carnation washington please and thank you.
Benjamin 206-790-2002
I hate seals
I hate seals
I'd prefer to not "shit" them anywhere. haha! Sorry a guy picked the, up today. Thanks