YTSO Report-Ballast Point Fishing Team

Matt Moyer

Aug 7, 2004
La Mesa
22' Sea Fox Viper "Even Keel"
This is our 3rd year fishing (Donating Money) at the YTSO. Every year I've learned something different. The first year we fished at the Nados (2 rats), The second year SCI (3 rats) and this year Paddy Hopping (3 larger rats 32 lbs). I'm primarily a Calico Bass fisherman so chasing YT can be challenging as I rarely fish for them. I'm not making excuses because I know how to catch them but time on the water makes it that much easier; having small children in sports makes that difficult to find TOW. So, I primarily support this tournament for my buddies Ali and Jason hoping to get lucky but most importantly have fun. Everyone knows that you must connect with 3 fish over 20 pounds to be in the money. That is the goal but the first goal is to support local, enjoy the camaraderie and just go fishing.

We decided that we didn't want to make the run to SCI this year with reports of some nice YT coming off paddies. Our game plan was to stay off the beaten path with hopes to run into some larger models. We headed towards the 101 then towards the Upper Hidden. Between the two there were tons of paddies but only 1 in 8 was holding. One of the best paddies of the day was holding several larger fish but they didn't want to eat. We were lucky enough to land 3 fish before 10:00 hoping to upgrade. Unfortunately our bait was not doing well and started dying. We made a decision that wasn't the best to run inshore towards Salsipuedes to hopefully make Mackerel and slow troll for some Home-guards that I have regularly seen and caught while fishing bass on the Mexico coastline. It was a bad call as the Red Tide was an issue even though there were some clean pockets we tried fishing. Note to self (We wasted valuable time).

We thought about running back out to the Nados in hopes to upgrade but opted to sneak around the IB area hoping for those birds to locate some fish for us which never happened. Tired and low on gas we decided to run in and weigh our triplets which placed us 31st out of 100 teams. Not a horrible showing but not what you need to win the tournament.

Goal for next year is to go all or nothing. I fished Calico Bass Tournaments for years and the goal is never to catch a limit. The goal is to catch the heaviest weight and I learned that I must always put myself in the areas that could happen. Sure, catching a limit saves face but the ultimate goal is to win and we knew that the winning bag would come from SCI. You got toy to play and next year our plan will be a lot different. Congratulations to all the teams who placed in the top 5. 102 pounds for 3 fish is incredible. Special shout out to the Tuna Winners who donated their check to the boys who were 16 minutes late. Proof that there are still good people in this world. Special Thanks to the Ali and the BDoutoors crew for putting on an epic tournament, outstanding reception and raffle. I've run tournaments so I know what goes into them. The hard work and countless hours are much appreciated. Looking forward to next year!
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Hired Gun!
Apr 28, 2004
John Collar
Parker 2320
That's a whole lotta checks and $$$$$ for one-team, great job guys!
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did you say FISHING ???
Feb 24, 2003
East-a-La-Mesa, baby!
starts with an "M".....
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This is probably the only time all year long that I (we) target YT. Oh, we will stop on paddys when offshore, but that's the extent of our YT fishing.

So, since we know there are so many good YT fishermen/women here in SD, we pretty much acknowledge that our chances of winning this tourney are about 0. :rolleyes:

But, as Matt said, we do it just to support the cause, and to get into the Tuna sidepot. But there is always blind luck...... LOL

I've been fishing (or working) this tourney since it's inception.....and I gotta say, it blows all the other tournaments here in SD completely out of the water!

Congrats to the winners, see you all next year. :D
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