You gotta love summer


Sep 8, 2012
Boise, Idaho
we b jammin
Been spending a little time up at the reservoirs catching nice kokes, tasty but I like to call it food fishing, run lures, catch fish, load cooler and eat. Decided to help a friend rebuild his dock on Cascade Reservoir catch a trout or two early, work on the dock and then run to McCall for Lakers.

As soon as we were getting the downrigger ready a roostertail I had thrown out got hit, a nice 4lb rainbow on ultralight gear (4lb test), picked up a decent kokanee and a good trout, headed in. 30" cutting board and 9" knife gives a little scale.
2014-06-21 11.46.08.jpg

2014-06-21 11.24.58.jpg

Had to borrow the neighbor's parking space but not a bad view :)

Hit Payette early put out a spinnerbait with trout belly had a good hit.
2014-06-22 09.01.29.jpg

The sound of drag being pulled with this scenery, doesn't suck.

2014-06-22 09.01.02.jpg

12lb on the scale, hooked a heavier fish but farmed him reeling in the other line. Have to have a reason to come back right?

So I did, last weekend I ran up for another shot, froze some koke belly and made the early morning drive north to see if I could find a few. Ran over a big meter mark, put the rigger down right on top of him/her and was hit instantly.
2014-07-11 09.28.36.jpg

This came up, didn't realize it until later another fish was swimming with him. Took 25 min on 10lb set up, right after this pic the fish headed back to 50', pissed as hell. But it finally came up with a lot of coaxing.
2014-07-11 09.39.37.jpg

24lbs of toothy critter, a quick weight and he swam back, thankfully I could see him moving well on the meter after letting him go. Ten minutes later hit another mark and this 10lb fish seemed like a minnow.
2014-07-11 11.20.37.jpg

The wind had come up and blown the boat into shore unhooking him, nice to have a metal boat. A kid on a paddle board was a little freaked these were swimming right underneath him, I had hooked it 10' from him.

Well after that I had a meeting in town, so I ran in for lunch. The day got hot and boat traffic was a bit nuts so I found my favorite island and a cool beverage.
2014-07-11 16.04.22.jpg

A little sun, a long nap :). Had to make up the day of work so waited until it cooled down before making the drive to Boise. There are days I miss the ocean but with lakes like this and rivers to run. Freshwater does have it's draw.

2014-06-21 11.24.58.jpg