Capt. Scott Goodwin

Capt. Scott Goodwin
Jan 11, 2007
Merritt Island, Florida
Capt. Scott Goodwin
Morgan 24, Glasser 16'8
The owner of the Invincible Boat Company expands its industry footprint by acquiring Yellowfin Yachts, another legendary brand. 


Since its founding in 1998 Yellowfin Yachts has grown to dominate the offshore center console scene, building boats that run at speeds fast enough to earn you a ticket on the highway and come equipped to fish hard all day long. Though they started out with a 31-footer, Yellowfin was one of the pioneering companies when it came to growing center consoles larger and larger until they attained yacht status. Today their offerings include a dozen different models ranging from a 17’ poling skiff all the way to a 54’ quad-engine center console yacht and include offshore, bay, and hybrid bay models. And now, Continue reading...
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