Offshore Yellow Day 8-13-20


IE Redneck

Jul 15, 2008
Riverside, CA, USA
John Rogers
Whatever Capt Danny's driving
Sorry for the late report. Just dropped my dad at the airport. First time poster/long time lurker. Set up a trip for my Dad (turns 85 next week), Son and myself on 8/13 with Into the Depths. We met up with Wes at 0900. Filled up with gas and two scoops of decent 'dines. Morning harbor water temp was 63 . End of day around 2100, tide had brought the 70.3 degree warm water back into the bay. We took off about 0930 and headed out to the 182. Clean blue water with a temp of 68 to 69 but, no signs of life. We then pointed the boat South. Cruising about 10 knots looking for birds, patties, anything. Found three patties holding zeros. Caught up to a small foamer school of 30# to 40# yellow fins. Picked off one around 1100 close to 5 miles west of the 226 (sorry no coordinates). Long faces on the boat after that until we stumbled onto a patty around 1400 that was holding some yellow tails. Picked 4 of the 15# variety off a small patty with nose hooked dines on a 30# gear. My son had one on but it swam back into the patty. Reeled the patty and the fish to the boat. Fish had come loose but and was tangled in the vines. Thanks to a quick gaff by Wes that fish will end up on the dinner plate. My son ended up breaking off the hook in the kelp.

Next we start cruising at 10 knots again looking for life. Wes had said that the bite does not turn on until 4 PM. Sure enough we start picking up boils between San Salvador and the 230 around 1530. 25#-40# YT's crashing the anchovies. We are floating nose hooked dines and getting bit when we can get them close to the action. Picked up a 50 # +/- model around 1800. Fun fight on 30# gear. That battle was 45 minutes. Got back to the dock around 2100. Final score 4 yellow tails and 5 yellow fins. Can't say enough good things about Wes and Into the Depths.









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