Yakutat (a few weeks late) June 17-20


Jul 19, 2021
Glendale, CA
I'm new here but figured I'd post about a trip I got back from about a month ago. Hopefully, the delayed report is still ok. It was my first time fishing in about 5 years and I had forgotten how much I miss it. But now that I'm hooked again, there will be more to come soon!

We stayed at Glacier Bear Lodge in Yakutat and fished for 4 days out of the boats they chartered for us. We had 16 guys spread out over 3 different boats and every boat did great. Glacier Bear Lodge was incredible and I couldn't have better things to say about them.

Yakutat is known for its Halibut and we were having no issues catching them. On the water by 8 AM every morning and by 11 AM each of us on the boat would have a big one on the deck. We were catching them with a few different setups but the jig with squid was how we found all the biggest ones.

Spent our afternoons trolling for salmon or drifting for lingcod and rockfish. The salmon were very quiet the whole week. Only 2 total between 16 anglers. The other boats had good luck with the lingcod and rockfish and were bringing in big ones every day; most of what we caught in the afternoon tended to be on the smaller side, but everyone still left with plenty of fish. Our daily catches looked more or less like this:


On the second to last day, I hooked up with the biggest fish I've ever caught. Captain measured it and estimated it to be about 125 lbs. Fun fight. We ended up hooking up with another that was a similar size later that day while fishing for rockfish but since we hit our limit we couldn't keep it.


The chinook were not biting at all. On the last day the weather got rough so ducked back into the islands to fish the calmer water. Still maxed on halibut but they were smaller than the other 3 days. Finished off the day trolling for salmon and with about 15 minutes left (we had a flight to catch) I hooked up on this guy.


All in all an EXCELLENT trip. Would definitely go back. It was the best halibut fishing I've ever done and an all-around great time with family and friends.
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Nov 22, 2010
Carp, CA, USA
Steve T.
Nice Halibut haul there!
I saw the title of your thread and had to look.
Getting super excited, I'm headed up next week for 10 days after missing out last year due to the sketchy Covid testing, been going every year for the last 7.
We always go for the silvers on the Situk and a couple of days on a charter for the halibut.
I know what you mean about being hooked on that place!
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